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Valentino’s Displays is proud to announce our recent merger with Kian Nets. Our go-to supplier of retail shopping baskets. Kian Nets has always provided high-quality products made right here in the UK.

Now that our companies have merged, we will continue to provide the same impeccable service that you have come to expect from Valentino’s Displays. The only difference to you is that we will have more control over the manufacture of each fabric shopping basket. That means we will be able to fulfil bespoke orders more quickly and with ease.

Appreciate the highest quality trendy reusable shopping bags

As we are now the single retailer of these cloth shopping baskets, you won’t find quality like this anywhere else. Carefully crafted from high-quality polyester material, these mesh shopping baskets won’t ladder if you get a hole in them. These reusable fabric baskets have been made to provide many years of service so that you get the very best value for money from your purchase.

We have been lucky enough to work with Kian Nets for some time now. We’ve offered their cloth shopping baskets with handles on our website by means of being a leading UK distributor. Take a look at the existing range here. With our new working relationship, we hope to expand our range of cloth shopping baskets for sale. This will ensure that you never need to go anywhere else to purchase your collapsible shopping baskets, nets and stands.

As always, it is our intention that Valentino’s Displays should be a one-stop shop for all your retail needs. Our latest business move takes us ever closer to that target.

The only place to buy collapsible shopping baskets in the UK

Send us your bespoke business requests and we will create you a custom range of reusable retail baskets. Whatever colour, shape, size or texture you require, Valentino’s Displays will be happy to deliver. If you’d like your baskets to be branded, we can arrange that too. If you have shopping baskets that fit in with your brand image, then customers will instantly recognise them and link them to your business. Brand recognition is one of the most important marketing tools you have. Helping to build trust and loyalty through clever use of colour, symbols and product placement.

We also sell stands for baskets and fabric shopping bags, as well as a range of netted items that may also come in useful. These can also all be customised to your brand design.

Buy cloth shopping baskets wholesale

Of course, most shops will require more than one or two baskets, which is why we are keen to tell you about our wholesale prices. The more cloth baskets you buy, the cheaper the price per unit will be. That is true of both bespoke and ready-made orders, so stock up all in one go to get the best value for money.

The more you order the more you save!

Our price benefits don’t end there either! Spend over £100 and we will give you free delivery anywhere in the UK! Our merger with Kian Nets has done nothing to dampen our enthusiasm for offering excellent customer service. We want to ensure we have the happiest customers in retail, so that you return to us again and again, whenever you have a new retail-based need.

Collapsible cloth shopping baskets

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