Are curved hangers the best choice for my clothing?


There are many different types of clothes hangers on the market, but they are certainly not all created equal.

When it comes to choosing the best hangers for your retail unit or home wardrobe, the right ones can make all the difference to the longevity of your clothing and the aesthetics of your rail.

If you have been considering purchasing curved coat hangers, then there are a few things to think about.

What styles of clothing will you use your curved hangers for?

The curved clothes hanger is a little bit wasted on lighter items of clothing, such as t-shirts and summer dresses. While they will hang perfectly fine, these hangers are best used for tailored suits and jackets. You could also use them to hang knitwear and heavy evening gowns.

This style of hanger was created with bulkier items of clothing in mind, helping to support the structure of the garment.

How much space do you have on your rail?

If space is at a premium, curved coat hangers are going to take up a lot more space than a flat clothes hanger. The way the hanger curves makes it deeper than a traditional style hanger. While this is great for more expensive, heavier garments, giving them plenty of space to breathe, it does mean your rail will fill up fast.

If space allows, it might be best to have a rail dedicated to items that need to hang on curved hangers. Then you can keep all your flat hangers on another rail where you can really make the most of the space.

How much money do you have to spend?

The difference is small, but curved hangers tend to be slightly more expensive than flat hangers. If you only need one or two, then it might make sense to pay the extra. However, if you need to stock a few rails worth of clothing, you might prefer a different option. Of course, if you do need lots of curved coat hangers, Valentino’s Displays is the store that offers the best value for money, as well as wholesale discounts!

Other things to know about the curved clothes hanger

The reason why curved hangers are so popular for bulkier garments is that they help to preserve the shape of each item. The hanger curves in the same way as our shoulders, so that your clothes will maintain the perfect fit with every wear. This also helps to keep the clothes looking their best for longer, as there will be less wear and tear.

When it comes to issues such as bump marks in the fabric, this is less of a problem with a curved clothes hanger. Of course, this also depends on the materials used to make the hanger.

Wooden clothes hangers give a smart, finish and tend to last longest, but they do also take up quite a lot of space on the rail. Rubber coated hangers will help protect the integrity of the garment material very well and are a little more slimline. In the end, it comes down to personal preference.

Want something a bit different?

At Valentino’s Displays, we can make your curved hangers to a variety of different specifications. Whether you have a specific colour, material or width, let us know and we will create it for you. We can even personalise hangers to suit your store.

Curved hangers are great in the right circumstances, with no other shape catering to your knitwear and suit jackets in the same way.

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