Boost sales with these five powerful retail display techniques


The Ecommerce business is booming, but make no mistake about it: from now until the end of time, people will always enjoy getting out of their homes and going shopping for retail items. The customers will always be there. As a retail seller, it’s your job to get their attention, engage their thoughts, and enable them to take action.

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One of the easiest and best ways to do this is by using top-quality retail display equipment and the following five retail display techniques:

Snap, crackle, pop

Your retail display equipment should present the items you wish to sell with one goal in mind: to actually sell the items. Use the snap, crackle, pop technique to get this done. Set your merchandise up in a manner that “snaps” the customer’s attention, “crackles” their thoughts, and “pops” them into action. To put it another way, your display should make the customer subconsciously say “I like this”, “I want this”, “I’m going to buy this”.

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Trial and error

An oldie, but goodie is the trial and error technique. The only way you’ll know what does and doesn’t work is by using this method. Vary the manner in which your items are displayed. Always take the following elements into account and adjust them until you know what combination leads to a sale:

  • Balance
  • Size
  • Colour
  • Focal Point
  • Lighting
  • Signage

Group thought

It’s amazing how wrong even the most experienced salesperson can be in knowing what customers want. No one person can get into customers’ heads and figure out what makes them buy something. For this reason, group thought, sharing, and decision making is always best. Ask your employees what they think the best way to set up displays will be.

Work together and find something you can all be confident in. Never ask a customer to give you their opinion. Remember, your display should trigger subconscious thoughts and actions. If you’re doing your job right, the customers won’t necessarily know why they bought the item.

Less is more

You should always use retail displays to sell very specific items. Holiday, seasonal, and sale items are usually good items to put on display, but never put too many on at once. This will make your display look cluttered and unorganized, an image you don’t want to project onto your customers. If you’re thinking you need to add additional items, always use the less is more technique. Fewer items on display lead to more sales being made.

Keep it clean

This is more common sense than technique but definitely needs to be mentioned. If you want your items to sell, it’s imperative that they and everything around them be spotless. It’s good practice to get into the habit of cleaning your items and display area on a daily basis.

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The above-mentioned five techniques have been proven to effectively increase retail sales. They’re easy to understand and use. They’re also free. Remember to use them with top-quality retail display equipment and your sales will surely increase.

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For further tips on improving the retail display of your business, contact Valentino’s Displays or visit our blog online for more information. To view our full range of retail display equipment, visit our website today.

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