How to use visual merchandising in spas and salons


An excellent way to make a profit in your spa or salon is through upselling products, not just services. Products that promote beauty, health, and luxury are a wonderful way for customers to prolong the indulgent experience long after they have left your spa or salon.

However, to maximise the profit potential of spa products, you need to make sure they are merchandised effectively. If you want to increase product sales in your spa or salon, then follow these top spa product visual merchandising tips.

Top spa and salon visual merchandising techniques

1. Utilise testers

When it comes to skin products, consumers want to stimulate a variety of senses. While product packaging may look great, customers will want to know the smell, and texture and experience the product for its primary function.

When displaying your products for sale, make sure to have some sample products on display as well as the necessary items for application and removal. Several mirrors on display will also make the space seem bigger but also be useful to customers who want to see the results of the products they try.

2. Use props

Using props such as eye masks, candles, plants, and pebbles can help to create a calm spa-like ambience. With these props surrounding your products, you will give customers the impression that your products will provide them with a spa experience at home.

An excellent way to display products and props is using glass cubes, this helps to give a clean appearance and provides enough room for a product and prop in each cube. You can also add a background to the back of the cube to bring colour to your display.

3. Consider branding

Whatever products you are selling, it is wise to utilise the branding of the product or USP. For example, if you sell environmentally friendly products, then consider how you can display the products in an eco-friendly way. With this, you can utilise wooden crates, hessian coverings, and wicker baskets.

Once you have set the theme for the product, consider your branding. Vertical branding can help to draw the customer’s eye to other products. Displaying different products of the same range in the same display stand may convince customers to buy several items from the same product line. You can further increase the expenditure by offering discounts and multi-buy deals with carefully placed signage within your visual merchandising displays.

Boost sales with visual merchandising

As salon products are not considered essential, there is significant pressure for visual merchandising to do the selling for you. However, when clients are waiting for treatments, well-designed displays make an excellent browsing opportunity. If you need help to make your spa or salon visual merchandising more appealing, then visit our UK shop for shops at Valentino’s Displays. We can help you to find the right products to make your display stand out, however much room you have available.

If you need further assistance, then call the team on 01489 808007 for free, friendly advice.

How to use visual merchandising in spas and salons

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