One Glass Cube with Fittings - 288mm x 288mm 39101
One Glass Cube with Fittings - 288mm x 288mm39101
£49.95 +VAT
Two Glass Cubes with Fittings - 288mm x 288mm 39102
Two Glass Cubes with Fittings - 288mm x 288mm39102
£84.95 +VAT
Three Glass Cubes with Fittings - 288mm x 288mm 39103
Three Glass Cubes with Fittings - 288mm x 288mm39103
£129.95 +VAT
Four Glass Cubes with Fittings - 288mm x 288mm 39104
Four Glass Cubes with Fittings - 288mm x 288mm39104
£149.95 +VAT
Six Glass Cubes with Fittings - 288mm x 288mm 39105
Six Glass Cubes with Fittings - 288mm x 288mm39105
£184.95 +VAT
Eight Glass Cubes with Fittings - 288mm x 288mm 39106
Eight Glass Cubes with Fittings - 288mm x 288mm39106
£229.95 +VAT
Creating an eye-catching window display can be tough when your products are small. Research has shown that elevating items to eye level makes them much more attractive, and can grab the attention of your customers in a much better way than when they are placed lower down. Even larger items can benefit from the drama created by an elevated display, and our cheap glass cubes offer a great way to do this.

Why use glass shelves for retail store premises?

Our cheap glass cubes are a highly popular solution for all sorts of retail environments. The versatile cubic arrangement makes them suitable for displaying everything from ornaments to glassware, shoes to hats, and much more besides.

When displaying your products, using glass shelves for retail store premises can help to show them off in their best light. Solid shelving, such as wood or plastic, can cut out the light, causing gloomy shadows to discolour and detract from the beauty of your items. Choosing cheap glass cubes like these allows light to flood through, and your customers to see every inch of your products no matter what angle they are looking from.

How to buy a square glass cube display

If you’re looking to buy glass display cubes, you might be wondering where to start. With many options available for configuration and finish, we understand it’s important you get great value for money, but also a high-quality finish. Here’s how to go about purchasing cube display units from Valentino’s Displays.

1.     A complete package or just components? Decide whether you would prefer to purchase the panes and glass cube connectors separately, or ready packaged into the configuration you need. For first time buyers, we recommend our square glass cube display packages, which come with everything you need to create an eye catching, professional display.
2.    What space do you have available? The space available for display will have a major bearing on how large your cube display units can go. Measure the space vertically as well as horizontally, and decide upon the area you need to fill.
3.    Small or large panes? Most of our window display cube packages utilise the more versatile 288mm x 288mm sized panes, but we do also sell panes in a larger 388mm square size too. The size you need will depend on what you intend to display, but if you’re not sure or need help to build a package, please do get in touch.
4.    Which configuration do you prefer? Many of our customers choose the square glass cube display arrangements, as in a standard retail space, they tend to be more space efficient and versatile. However, if you’re displaying items under a staircase, or want an interesting asymmetrical look to your window display cube, our triangular arrangement is worth considering too.
5.    Select and buy: Placing an order with Valentino’s Displays is easy. Simply add the cube display units to your basket, choose your delivery speed and check out. For orders over £100, standard delivery will be free, or you can choose an express delivery service for a small additional charge.

Contact us for further information on our glass cube display units


If you need to buy glass display cubes but you’re struggling to choose the right products, why not talk to our team? We design and manufacture our products right here in the UK, and can create the perfect glass shelves for retail store premises, no matter how challenging the space is to work with.  For cheap glass cubes that really meet your needs, nobody does it better than Valentino’s Displays.