Two Way Glass Connector 39301
Two Way Glass Connector39301
£3.50 +VAT
Three Way Glass Connector 39302
Three Way Glass Connector39302
£3.90 +VAT
Four Way Glass Connector 39303
Four Way Glass Connector39303
£4.50 +VAT
Glass Cube Small Panes (Pack of 5) 39304
Glass Cube Small Panes (Pack of 5)39304
£29.95 +VAT
Glass Cube Large Panes (Pack of 5) 39305
Glass Cube Large Panes (Pack of 5)39305
£34.95 +VAT
If you’re looking for retail display units that can grow with your business and change with the seasons, our display cubes for retail premises are the perfect solution. Start with one, grow to ten or more, and create ever changing displays for your windows and in store. When it comes to buying cheap glass cubes UK businesses can rely on Valentino’s Displays.

Building your display cubes for retail premises

If you’re looking for a more bespoke arrangement, why not buy glass cube units in a more custom way. These panes can be used with our glass panel connectors to create a unique display, perfect for retail display units in the window or at point of sale in the store. Here’s how to do it:

1.    Choose your size: We have the right glass cube for shops large and small, with panes available in two sizes to suit your products. For smaller displays, our 288mm square cubes offer the perfect housing for petite products that you don’t want to get lost in a large display. For larger items, choose our bigger 388mm square cubes to give you plenty of space.
2.    Choose your glass panel connectors: Our glass cube display connectors are available in two, three or four-way connections, to help you build a versatile display that can change as your needs do too. If you’re adding to your collection, make sure you choose enough glass panel connectors for the arrangement you have planned.
3.    Choose your shipping: All our display cubes for retail units are ready to be shipped to you right when you need them. Standard shipping is free for orders over £100, and will be with you in three to five working days. If you urgently need your cheap glass cubes UK express shipping can be arranged for a great value price. For international customers, contact us for an affordable shipping quote to your country.

Expert advice on all UK glass display cubes


If you’re not sure which glass cube for shops is the right choice for you, why not talk to us directly? The team at Valentino’s Displays are experts in creating displays that really sell, and can help you choose the right glass cube for shop window displays to really let your products shine. Call us today, and we’ll help you make the right purchase.

Why buy glass cube units?

We know that using a glass display cube for shop window displays is a great way to really showcase your products. Because glass is clear, you’ll be able to offer an uninterrupted view of your items from all angles, with maximum light penetration to really let them be seen at their best. Wooden or plastic shelves can obscure the view, cutting out the light and creating dull, shaded displays that just don’t work.

Choosing display cubes for retail premises makes it easy to create a beautiful, contemporary and versatile display, whether you’re selling shoes, homewares, gifts or food. Let your products sell themselves, and invest in a display solution that can change and grow as your business does too.

Bespoke orders catered for

Here at Valentino’s Displays, we are proud to be the UK’s experts in display solutions. From custom hangers to built in displays, we’re here to make it easy for your business to obtain that professional touch. Our expert technicians are on hand to offer all the advice you need, and to ensure you can create that unique, attractive finish in your business that really brings your products to life.

For all your glass cube store displays contact Valentino's


Because we manufacture our products ourselves, we’re always happy to help with orders that are out of the ordinary. Our team can create a custom display unit for your shop, working with the challenges and space that you have available. Simply call us today to find out more. With a full range of options to create a display of glass cube for shops of all shapes and sizes, and all the glass cube display connectors you need, you know you can trust Valentino’s Displays.