Reasons why your retail store needs wooden slatwall panels


Whether you’re selling luxury accessories or discount wares, wooden Slatwall panels can enhance your retail space. Choose a design that matches your brand aesthetic and then style it your way with slatwall panel accessories. Display your goods on wood slatwall in the best possible light to boost sales and encourage customers to come back for a cheerful shopping experience.

The best thing about wood Slatwall is that it makes the most of your available space. Instead of clogging up aisles or taking away from central display areas, it takes up very little room at all and lets you display items neat and tidily so that your store never feels cluttered or claustrophobic.

Here are some other reasons why you should be lining your retail walls with wooden slatwall panels.

Wood Slatwall is Tough and Durable

Whether you are displaying dainty jewellery or heavy power tools, your panels will be able to take the load. Heavier items might benefit from a few extra slatwall panel accessories, like metal inserts, that will strengthen the panel, but generally, there is nothing you can’t display.

And if you have an area in your shop where customers love to congregate, meaning they have to squeeze past each other and knock the wooden Slatwall panels, you don’t have to worry about the damage. They are easy to keep clean too – simply wipe them with a damp cloth and they’ll stay in perfect shape for a very long time.

Wooden Slatwall Panels Are Incredibly Versatile

This is one of the biggest benefits of Slatwall. It might look like a generic panel, with inconspicuous grooves, but the possibilities are endless! Slatwall comes in one or two sizes, but it is easy to cut to fit your required space. Need to fit it in around an awkward shape in your room? No problem! Want to make your own design to fit your brand image? Done! You can really have fun with the shape and colour.

Slatwall panel accessories offer another opportunity for customisation. These can also come in different shapes and colours, so you can create a beautiful wall display with very little effort. You can even find walls with different distances between the grooves, so you can fill your panel with more inserts, or fewer.  Whatever you want to display, there is a unique way to do it. Orange Aluminium has some fantastic suggestions of ways to get inventive with your wood Slatwall. Play around for yourself and find what works.

You might even decide to take your Slatwall out of the retail environment and into your home, office, or warehouse. There are so many different ways to make it look good in almost any situation!

Wooden Slatwall Panels Are Pretty

Of course, this is a subjective point, but the great thing about such a versatile tool is that you can turn it into your version of beauty.

The wood slatwall is coated with melamine that keeps it safe from changes in humidity so that the wood doesn’t warp. This melamine can be almost any colour or style you want, so you might as well throw your strongest brand colour on it. You’ll then want slatwall inserts that offer additional strength to your panel and help to hide any fixings. These can also be your colour of choice, so many outlets choose their secondary brand colour.

Add a few slatwall panel accessories and you’ll have the most gorgeous wall on the high street!

Slatwall Isn’t Expensive

Want to spend your money wisely? You can’t go wrong with Slatwall. Especially if you buy it from Valentino’s Display.  For something that will bring so much merchandising opportunity to your store, you will quickly get a return on your investment, helping you boost profits.

There are many ways to display your goods, but wooden Slatwall panels are cheap, take up very little space, allow you to decorate your store in your brand colours, and will last a very long time in areas of high traffic or adverse humidity thanks to the clever way they are manufactured.

Perhaps the question you should really be asking yourself is why haven’t you purchased wood slatwall for your business yet.

Slatwall is Super-Easy to Install

If you are lucky enough to have a retail space with smooth, clean walls, hanging Slatwall is as simple as gathering a few long screws, a couple of wall plugs, and an electric screwdriver. Make sure to place the screws inside the grooves so you can easily hide them with inserts.

If your wall is a little more challenging, simply attach a couple of wooden plinths to the wall, equally spaced for strength, and then attach your wooden slatwall panels to that. Once in place, you can get to work with your accessories, which will effortlessly slot right into the grooves.

You Can Get Wood Slatwall Right Here!

Check out our range of slatwall panels and accessories. If you can’t see exactly what you need, let us know and we will get it for you. You really don’t need to go anywhere else.

That’s not the only reason to shop with us. Our loyal customers keep coming back because they love:

  • Paying the lowest prices
  • Endless options
  • Our amazing customer service team
  • Valentino’s high-quality items
  • Our commitment to providing the best items and the best service.

As if that wasn’t enough, we offer free delivery on items over £100. Along with a hassle-free returns service if you change your mind within 14 days. Need a discount on bulk items? No worries – get as much wood Slatwall as you need and we’ll give you a bigger discount the more you order.

So, what are you waiting for? Have you kitted your retail unit out in the best quality wooden slatwall panels yet? Keep up with your competitors by buying high-quality fittings at the best prices.

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