What size are standard wood slatwall panels?


The industry standard size for wood slatwall panels is 4” x 4” (or 1.2m x 1.2m). The square size is perfect for most applications and can be combined with other panels to extend upwards, downwards, or sideways, to cover as much wall as required.

Many outlets, including Valentino’s Displays, also offer wooden Slatwall in a longer 8” x 4”, which is ideal if you have a particularly tall wall to cover.

What Are Wood Slatwall Panels?

If you are a retailer, you will definitely know what wooden Slatwall is. You might refer to it as slot board, slat board, groove wall board, or slatted wooden panels. It’s all the same.

Basically, these panels are square or rectangular sheets of MDF (usually around 18mm thick) with grooves in them. These grooves can be really close together or far apart, depending on where you buy them from. At Valentino’s, we cut our boards to 100mm pitch, but if you need the grooves to be closer or further apart, we can arrange that for you.

When combined with slatwall inserts, these are one of the best ways to display your products. Some of the benefits include:

  • They make use of every available inch of display space.
  • The mix of Slatwall accessories means you can display almost anything on them.
  • They are relatively cheap.
  • Longeviety – They are long-lasting.
  • They are easy to keep clean and in good condition.
  • You can make your display area as big or as small as you like.
  • They are easily customised to match your brand aesthetic.

How To Use Wooden Slatwall

Adding Slatwall to your retail unit is easy. If your walls are smooth and flat, you can simply drill your panel to the wall through the grooves, using wall plugs and long screws to hold it in place. You can then cover the fixings with your choice of insert.

If your walls are bumpy or uneven, you should use wooden battens to create a flat surface to screw your panels to. The closer together your battens are, the heavier weight they’ll be able to hold. Also, aim for between 300mm and 600mm apart.

Make sure to measure up first. Decide how many wooden slatwall boards you need and fix them to the wall as planned. You can always trim your slotboard if you have a piece that is too wide. If you want to do this, use a table or circular saw and always trim the last panel in a run.

Get full installation instructions, including how to cut your wood Slatwall panels, here.

How Many Different Types of Wooden Slatwall Are There?

Slatwall comes in various different styles. It can be made from aluminium or thick MDF. With a standard size of 1.2m x 1.2m, the options are endless.

Every 18mm thick MDF panel at Valentino’s Displays is coated with a strong, durable melamine layer. This melamine can be created in almost any finish you can dream of. From different wood styles to any colour in the rainbow, you can effortlessly create an aesthetic that matches your retail brand. The great thing about the melamine coating is that it protects the wood from humidity, ensuring the Slatwall board doesn’t expand, contract or warp, so it stays looking good for longer.

But you don’t have to stop there. Slatwall accessories offer another opportunity to personalise your wall. Inserts in the grooves don’t just add strength. These aluminium additions can also be styled in your choice of colour, allowing you to get all the elements of your brand in there.

Your final opportunity to create a wall that best suits your needs is by choosing the arms, rails, and hooks for your products. Because of the sheer range of options on the market, your wooden Slatwall can display almost any item you can dream of.

How to Store Your Wood Slatwall Panels

One important thing to remember about wooden Slatwall is that it is heavy. Most standard panels weigh around 35-40kg. For this reason, you’ll always need two people to handle it, whether storing it or attaching it to the wall.

If you’re not quite ready to use your panels, make sure you store them facing upwards on a dry, clean floor. Make sure they are lying level and keep them away from anything that might spoil them.

Wood Slatwall panels are not just for retail environments either. These functional, versatile panels have become a feature in many different areas thanks to the range of styles and useful nature of them. It is now common to see Slatwall in:

  • Garages: where they can be used to hold things like bikes, tools, and storage boxes.
  • Sheds: where they are ideal for gardening supplies, kids’ toys, and deckchairs.
  • Offices: great for creating cheap, functional shelving.
  • Homes: wooden slatwall turns a boring space into a feature wall. Just choose a colour that fits the rest of your décor.

What Makes Valentino’s Displays the Best Place to Buy Standard Slatwall?

Our wood Slatwall panels are by far, the best on the market. On our website, you’ll see we offer a standard-size MDF panel and a choice of colours. We also have a longer panel that is great for those with longer wall space.

But there are many other benefits to choosing us for your groove wall:

  • Endless options: Think that what you see on the website is all we offer. We can also make bespoke items to your size and colour requirements. Just get in touch and ask for what you need.
  • Great prices: We keep our prices as low as possible, but if you buy in bulk, you’ll get a discount. And orders over £100 are eligible for free delivery.
  • High-quality: We aim to be the first place you go to buy any retail supplies, so we always offer the best possible quality to encourage you to come back!
  • No quibbles return policy: Changed your mind? You have 14 days in which you can return anything and receive a full refund, no matter what the reason.

Ready to buy wooden Slatwall? Head to our store where you’ll find our huge range, along with all our Slatwall accessories.

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