Is a ghost mannequin the best way to display clothes to sell online?


E-commerce is a highly competitive market, so it is more important than ever to make your clothes stand out. No matter how good your clothes look in-store, if you don’t have the best photographs for your online retail platform, you’ll put customers off.

Will Ghost Mannequin Photography Help Your Clothes Sell?

Many retailers have started using mannequins to take pictures. There are many advantages to this, including:

  • Not having to pay a model
  • Being able to rearrange the clothes in a lifelike fashion
  • Getting a uniform look throughout your photographs.

However, an invisible mannequin will take your photos to the next level if you do it right. Invisible, or ghost, mannequins have removable pieces that you can take away to make it look like there is no mannequin in your photos. But they portray your clothes in a flattering light so that customers can imagine what they would look like if they wore them.

And anything that gets your customers to think that way will help sales.

When Not to Use a Ghost Mannequin

A mannequin is not always the best option. If you are trying to photograph an item that just doesn’t sit well on it, your picture will portray a lumpy, unattractive item. It is a good idea to have a range of mannequins in different sizes, in this case, to ensure your clothes always look their best. You can also use pins or pegs to hold garments in place, but make sure the final look is even and representative of how the customer might look when wearing that item.

Of course, this does get expensive. And then you have to find somewhere to store all these mannequins. And all the pinning, pegging, and rearranging of clothes can be very time-consuming. You have to weigh up all the options to decide if this is the best one for your store.

How Else Can You Display Your Clothing?

Ghost mannequin photography is not the only way to present your wares. There are various other ways to get the picture that will sell your clothes.

  • Lay Flat: This is the simplest, cheapest way to take pictures of your clothes and is often favoured by amateur sellers on sites like eBay, Amazon, Etsy, and Vinted. You simply lie the clothes out on the floor, on a table, or on another flat surface, and snap away! The background will make or break this sale for you, so ideally, you want to find a plain white surface that is free from bumps or blemishes.
  • Model: Getting someone to wear your clothes is one of the best ways to demonstrate how they look when worn, with results often equal to, or better than, an invisible mannequin. It also allows you to show how these items might look when paired with other garments from the range. If you can, getting a professional model will present each item in its best light. This can be expensive. Alternatively, you can get your friends and family involved or even model yourself, using a remote shutter to take pictures.
  • Hangers: The original ghost mannequin photography! If you have nothing else but hangers to hand, these can still help to create attractive pictures. Make sure they are nice, thick hangers and plain in style. And give them something equally plain but stable to hang from.

Other Things to Consider When Taking Photos

Whether you decide to use hangers, models, a flat surface or a ghost mannequin for your photography, there are several other things to consider for the best result.

Make sure you have a good camera that can take high-resolution pictures. It is also a good idea to have a tripod to keep the camera steady as you snap each picture. This will help reduce blurriness or poor picture quality.

You should have some professional lighting equipment in place. Poorly lit photographs will look dull and unattractive on the internet. The right light will bring your clothing to life!

Finally, make sure you have a good backdrop for your items. Most retailers will choose a plain white background for their items. This looks great on the internet, is cheap to source, and will present your clothing at its best. If you do want to choose a coloured backdrop so that your photographs are more on brand, make sure it is plain so that it does not distract from the garments.

And don’t forget to iron or steam the clothes before photographing. It doesn’t matter if you have a model, an invisible mannequin, or hangers, creased items won’t present the best image to your customers. Don’t assume those creases will drop out or that you can pull your clothing smooth. Take a few minutes before each shot to ensure your items are perfect.

A Few Tips for Ghost Mannequin Photography

There is a bit of art when it comes to using an invisible mannequin. Firstly, you need to take a photo of the front of the garment. Then, you’ll need a second picture of the back but turned inside out. You can then use your editing software to merge these images so it looks like you have the whole item in one picture. You’ll need to take both pictures from the exact same spot and remove any background for a seamless finish. There is a great explanation of how to do this here.

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Best Practices for Staging Your Clothing to Sell Online

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