Slat Wall Aluminium Inserts 35205
Slat Wall Aluminium Inserts35205
£2.00 +VAT
Slat Wall Dark Blue Plastic Inserts 35201
Slat Wall Dark Blue Plastic Inserts35201
£0.90 +VAT
Slat Wall Light Blue Plastic Inserts 35202
Slat Wall Light Blue Plastic Inserts35202
£0.90 +VAT
Slat Wall Dark Grey Plastic Inserts 35203
Slat Wall Dark Grey Plastic Inserts35203
£0.90 +VAT
Slat Wall Light Grey Plastic Inserts 35204
Slat Wall Light Grey Plastic Inserts35204
£0.90 +VAT
Slat Wall White Plastic Inserts 35206
Slat Wall White Plastic Inserts35206
£0.90 +VAT
Slat Wall Cream Plastic Inserts 35207
Slat Wall Cream Plastic Inserts35207
£0.90 +VAT
Slat Wall Dark Brown Plastic Inserts 35208
Slat Wall Dark Brown Plastic Inserts35208
£0.90 +VAT
Slat Wall Yellow Plastic Inserts 35209
Slat Wall Yellow Plastic Inserts35209
£0.90 +VAT
Slat Wall Burgundy Plastic Inserts 35210
Slat Wall Burgundy Plastic Inserts35210
£0.90 +VAT
Slat Wall Black Plastic Inserts 35211
Slat Wall Black Plastic Inserts35211
£0.90 +VAT
Slat Wall Baby Pink Plastic Inserts 35212
Slat Wall Baby Pink Plastic Inserts35212
£0.90 +VAT
Look no further than Valentino’s Displays if you are seeking a quality supply of slat board insert. Used by many of our customers to provide additional strength to slatwall panel boards, they also look good as they cover all of the fixings used to fix the slatted panels to your walls.

If attention to detail is important to you and you want your display to look particularly impressive, these slatwall inserts prevent your customers from seeing the slatwall board backing. Easy to fix as they simply slide in from the side or click in from the front, they come in a great range of colours.

What should you look for when buying slatwall trim?

When you buy slatwall trim you need to take note of the following:
  1. They can only be purchased in conjunction with slatwall panels as the panels are created by us in such a way that the inserts and boards fit together.
  2. You can match the colour to the display in your shop or use contrasting colours if you want your display to be extra eye-catching or even use to showcase your company colours.
  3. You can choose from plastic inserts for slatwall or aluminium; the metal option is ideal for heavy duty items whilst the plastic can be used for all types of products on display.
  4. The slatwall panel inserts provided by Valentino’s Displays are strips that can be clicked into place within the slats of your cheap slatwalling. This makes them very easy to use and they add extra durability and long life.

The finest quality slatwall panel inserts

When searching the internet to find quality slatwall panel inserts, you may find them referred to as slatwall trims or even slatboard inserts. The ones manufactured by us are not only extremely well priced as you are purchasing direct from the manufacturer, but they offer a practical way of adding the final touch to slatwall displays. By using them to finish off the edge of your slatwall they will blend well into any décor, modern, classic or traditional.

Great customer service when buying slatwall panel inserts

Slat wall supplies provided by Valentino’s Displays are tough, sturdy hard-wearing and versatile.  Clients come back to us time and time again when looking for slat wall suppliers as they know that they are assured of great customer service and high quality products. Our customer service team are always on hand to provide help, support and advice if you are looking for slatwall supplies for your store. If this is your first time of buying slatwall panel inserts or you are simply not sure which options to go for, we can assist.

Delivery throughout the UK for slatwall strips

Delivery throughout the UK is never a problem as no matter your location, we can cater for it. When you get to checkout and finalise your order you will be shown exactly how much carriage will be added; this will only be increased if items within the order are particularly heavy or large.

When you purchase from Valentino’s Displays you are assured of the receipt of the highest quality slatwall and slatwall panel inserts as our production department work in accordance with the most stringent of quality processes, guaranteed to provide outstanding value. Continually adding to our range of slatwall finishes and slatwall inserts, both metal and plastic, if you are looking to give your store displays a makeover then there is no better place to buy than from Valentino’s Displays.

Contact us today or check out our website and find exactly what you are looking for when it comes to high-quality slat board inserts and slat board.