Astonishing! Shoppers steal trolleys to avoid carrier bag charge


Some shoppers are ignoring the plastic bag charges and are taking the £1 supermarket trolleys home with them instead, proudly posting evidence on Facebook!

Customers have been trying to avoid the supermarket’s bag charge which was launched in England on Monday 5th October 2015.

Ever since Monday images and videos have been going viral showing shopping customer stealing the shopping trolleys.

Aden Djvibe, from Trowbridge, uploaded an image of a trolley in his kitchen with the words: ‘5p for a bag, get f****d I got a £1 trolley.’

Shoppers steal trolleys to avoid 5p carrier bags

Another supermarket shopper with money to burn said: ‘U don’t need to buy a bag for 5p, you can get a whole trolley for a quid.’

A Twitter user Paul Griffiths proudly tweeted a picture of a trolley in his living room, saying: ‘5p for a bag quid for a trolley £nobrainer.’

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