How shop fittings can improve your product displays


All the shops need to make sales. To do that, they need to attract potential customers and entice them to enter the shop. Once inside, the customer needs to feel the need to try the product and eventually make a purchase. Sounds simple enough, but it isn’t that easy.

Customers need to see the products

Retail display is so important since it allows people to see the items that are available and are meant for them. When the items are easily viewed then it is easier for the customer to decide to buy them. To help with that, the proper use of shop fittings is needed.

Shop fittings involve fitting retail shops with fixtures, fittings, and equipment. It covers everything from the smallest shops to the largest malls. Companies that do shop fittings are usually adept in planning, manufacturing custom furniture, and the purchase of equipment.

Utilise your products

Utilising the products themselves can also help in creating displays and using the available space within the shop. Take custom coat hangers for example. They might not always come to mind when displays are being created but they are definitely useful.


The clothes hangers are used for displaying the stock within the shops, but they can also be used to showcase each piece. By locating them strategically and with the proper spacing, the hangers should be able to put the most attractive clothes into better focus.

Valentino’s shop supplies

There are also cabinets and showcases that are great for displaying items within the shop. Model display cabinets that are made of aluminium are some of the latest and best models available right now. For those who want a different look, they can go for the wooden showcases and wooden counters.

All of the retail display products that have been mentioned here are available from us at Valentino’s Displays. We have built a reputation as one of the finest suppliers of shop fittings as well as retail display equipment throughout the UK. We offer everything including industrial clothes rails, dressmaker’s mannequin, pavement signs, and much much more. Feel free to contact us or pay a visit to our website.

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