How to choose the right pavement sign for your business


Even the most fantastic local business model needs great advertising of some sort. In many cases, one of the best choices you have to stand out in your area and pull people in is to use a pavement sign. It is an effective and yet economical option to raise awareness of your shop. Using it helps attract new customers and at the same time, help keeps you visible to regular ones.

Positioned just outside a shop, a board usually has messages, posters, and more displayed on both sides, so they’re a vital channel for communicating messages about your brand – directly and indirectly. You can also opt for branded banners to act as barriers around your space, which are great for cafes and shops with outside space. The quality of the sign is an extension of your business so you need to make the right decision when choosing it.

Here are some tips to help you choose properly.

• Consider its size. You need to make the best use of the space available while making sure everything on your design clear. The last thing you need is a board that’s too big or small, so bear in mind how it’s going to look in your setting and what your restrictions are.

• Are you going to change your ad or message often? Some signs and boards allow you to easily change the poster inside and even protect these from meddling. Chalk boards are a timeless option that can be updated daily with ease. This helps create the impression that you care about your offers and communicating regularly with your customers, plus it suits many businesses from pubs and cafes to small shops. Others like swing signs might be harder to update, but have a really stylish finish that looks professional and has an impact from a distance.

• Do you want to move around your sign? If so then you might like to check the weights before buying. If you want it to be more stable for it to survive even the windiest days then you may want to go for the heavy-duty kind (and you might also want to consider waterproofing!). Our heavy-duty A-boards are a great example of a hard-wearing option.

• Lastly, it is important that you consider your budget before getting any kind of sign for your business. Fortunately, Valentino’s Displays products are all designed to be excellent value – you can get your pavement signage sorted for well under £100 and make the cost back in no time by increasing your impact in your local area.

On our online store we have various signs in different sizes and styles to suit whatever your needs are, from aluminium A boards to chalk boards to canvas windbreak screens. Each variation is ideally suited to certain types of business, as we have years of experience working with UK businesses and learning what works. With Valentino’s Displays, you are always guaranteed excellent products and outstanding service at some of the best prices available in the UK, including our range of pavement signs! Visit our shop now to see the full range and make your selection with the help of our points above.

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