Comprehensive guide to the key points of visual merchandising


Visual merchandising is a challenging and exciting aspect of your business. It requires you to utilise your creativity to ultimately boost sales. You need to develop the whole space of your shop and combine it with 3-dimensional displays to attract customers. But you need to have an understanding of the key points before you can start.

Once you get what visual merchandising is all about, your business will start reaping the benefits. Here then are some of its most important elements and key points.

In colour there is power

Keep in mind that colour is one of the most important elements in visual merchandising. A visual doesn’t have to be an expensive work of art, but playing with colour is a simple way to succeed. Never forget the fact that colour has the capacity to attract attention, even unconsciously! In a retail environment, wherever the eyes go, it is likely that the feet will follow. Using monochromatic displays and contrasting colours to catch the eyes of potential customers can work for almost any product.

Remember the need to create a focal point

The eyes of your potential customers need to move to specific displays or products – not wander off aimlessly without taking in the message you’re trying to put across. Put yourself in your customer’s shoes and check if they are able to see the focal points easily. Examine the top, all the sides, even the floor of your space to make sure your message is somehow clear.

Be a storyteller

Tell potential customers (and not necessarily with words!) what they would gain from buying the product or getting the service. Demonstrate visually how their lives can be made easier by what you offer. Make the advantages clear to them and convey why they really need your help. By telling a story creatively, it is easier for customers to make that decision to buy.

Use your space as effectively as possible

If you plan and design the space and the displays perfectly, you can make a little go a long way. The trick is in showcasing as much merchandise as you can without everything seeming to be a mess or overcrowded – be smart with your visual storytelling and fit clever ideas in wherever you can. A circular store layout is perhaps the best choice for this purpose.

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