The great importance of well-planned visual merchandising


If you’re a retailer with a physical shop, then chances are you’ll be looking for every opportunity to make your business more competitive. Visual merchandising should really be one of your top priorities since it’s been proven to be a vital part of many retail success stories. Remember when you’re planning your retail displays that the whole point is to engage with your target audience and inspire them to make a purchase that’s going to help your business grow and boost your profits.

Some of the best tips to bear in mind when planning your visual displays are as follows…

  • Use space wisely

Only use your valuable space to the greatest possible effect. Analyse what area you have available and stack this up against what you know is your highest value products to start planning how to use that space to boost profits.

  • Use a logical layout

You need to ensure your products are placed where they can easily be identified and shown in the most attractive way possible. Organise your shop the same way you would a website, with categories of products that are visually separate so someone can navigate to what they need intuitively. You might also want to have some suggestions of products that complement each other placed nearby on the shelves.

  • Make all signage crystal clear

It’s important to keep the signage very clear and consistent. Using your branding, thinking about colours and having straightforward fonts that can be read from a distance will make everything easier to understand. Avoid having too many signs all over the place as this can be very overwhelming.

  • Remember to be creative

There are plenty of tricks of the trade like the ones above which make everything flow better for pretty much any retailer looking to display products in the best way. However, don’t forget that a fixed set of rules isn’t going to be the making of your most successful campaigns. You need to back all this up with a healthy helping of originality and some creative ideas that will make it clear to your customers why your shop is the best choice and your products are exactly what they came looking for.

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