Top tips from the Visual Merchandising and Display Awards


The Visual Merchandising and Display Awards are an important retail award ceremony that celebrates one of the most critical aspects of shops that can help to increase sales. Taking place annually, the event celebrates excellence, innovation, and originality for creatives, retailers, and suppliers.

Any retailer or visual merchandising team can take part in the award ceremony as they are entirely free to enter and there are over twenty categories to pitch for. The awards celebrate both independent, individual, and small shops as well as the larger multiple retail outlets. If you are considering entering for 2018, here are some top tips from the winners of the Visual Merchandising and Display Awards from 2017.

Top visual merchandising tips from the Visual Merchandising and Display Awards

1. Go wild with props

Props can be an excellent way to get people talking about your display and can be as big and dramatic as you want. With props, you can create an incredibly creative design and tie in your products in a way that suits you. Props may simply be used as a platform to display products.

The winner of the most outstanding feature in the VM and Display Awards 2017 was the retail fashion store, Missguided. For their entry, they used a bright pink Jeep, with their mannequins showing their clothing range set up around the vehicle. While the Jeep had no link to the clothes, it was a way to inspire a road trip wardrobe as well as being a remarkable feature in the middle of the store that certainly attracted attention.

2. Give your mannequins life

If you use mannequins to display products, then you could be missing an excellent visual merchandising trick. Have you ever thought about bringing your mannequins to life? Mannequins do not simply have to stand there; they can be at the heart of the action. For example, your mannequin could be taking your mannequin dog for a walk.

The winner of the VM and Display Awards for 2017, Hackett, had their mannequin performing a skydiving landing into the water. At Valentino’s Display, we offer a range of flexible mannequins as well as action mannequins so that your display dummies have character and life. With this, your customers can see how products can be a part of their life, not just a great display.

3. Make the most of seasonal events

Christmas window displays are almost as important as Christmas adverts on television. Seasonal events are an excellent opportunity for you to wow passers-by and make sure people are mesmerized by your store. Festivities give you the artistic license to pull out all the stops and go big and bold with your design.

Unsurprisingly, John Lewis was the winner of the Christmas Display Award in the VM and Display Awards for 2017 with their underground woodland cave window featuring cosy snugs that brought the true essence of winter and Christmas, without a Santa Claus insight.

Want to enter this year’s awards?

At Valentino’s Displays, we have a vast range of visual merchandising and display products to help you create the perfect window and in-store display. If you have an idea but need some help turning it into reality, our display equipment can help. Browse our extensive collection here and don’t hesitate to call on 01489 808007 for friendly advice. We look forward to seeing your entry!

Top Tips From The Visual Merchandising and Display Awards

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