Five of our top tips for product packaging


While visual merchandising is a critical aspect of attracting customers to buy your products, retailers often forget how important the packaging of the product itself is. Product packaging is a crucial marketing tool and can be the convincing factor that makes your customers buy. When you are thinking of how to make your products more attractive, product packaging may be more important than you may think.

Importance of product packaging

1. Sign of quality

While it may be up to the manufacturer to package products, and not you as a retailer, having well-packaged products will show your store in the best possible light. As a retailer, you should make sure that you present your products beautifully. Product packaging should be clean, free of dust and in good condition. If product packaging is damaged or scruffy, then you may be putting off your customers from purchasing.

2. Instantly recognisable

If you sell products exclusively, then branded packaging may be the key to your success. Branded packaging can be instantly recognisable which will be an immediate draw for customers. If you have exclusive items or sell a specific brand that is popular with your customers, then try to theme your point of sale areas with the same packaging colours and use it as a marketing tool. You may be able to ask manufacturers for their own point-of-sale displays to further improve your marketing.

3. Customer service

If you sell delicate or fragile items, then it may be your responsibility to package items accordingly after the sale. How you sell and deliver your products to the customer is a sign of quality customer service and is not an area where you will want to fall short. Consider packaging such as bubble wrap, wrapping paper, and tissue paper. As well as this, you should consider carrier bags. After all, the presentation is everything.

4. Online shopping

87% of UK citizens shop online. With this in mind, having an e-commerce store and well a physical shop can be an excellent way to boost sales and improve your bottom line. However, online sales are only worthwhile if you make sure the product arrives in good condition to minimise the chance of returns and refunds. Product packaging is vital to protect your goods and make sure that they arrive at the customer in pristine condition.

5. Buyer influence

How you package products can be just as influential as how you display products. The colours you use in product packaging and the type of packaging used can significantly influence a customer’s buying decision. When you are researching for products to sell, it is essential to check their packaging as well as the product. The product packaging needs to align with your brand, and it is not worth having a great product if the packaging looks poor. When selecting your products to sell, make sure to check the packaging so that it aligns with your shop and will be successful.

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Five Top Tips For Product Packaging

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