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Valentino’s Displays storage bins and containers are strong, durable, and ergonomically designed. Each and every one is designed and constructed to withstand the demands and wear and tear of industrial and warehouse applications. The wide range of sizes of the Euro and Distribution products ensures that they fit any standard euro-sized pallet. There are also dollies to match allowing you to move it all around.

All about Our Euro Containers

Our Euro containers are top-of-the-line boxes that conform to industry standards, which guarantee excellent performance for various purposes. The said standard (VDA 4500 standard) was originally defined for the automotive industry, but later on, it was eventually adopted by different industries and areas of manufacturing.

Aside from conforming to industry standards, our products are perfect for use on conveyor systems. That’s because of the flat and slightly textured bases, basically making it steadier and speeding up the work that needs to be done. In addition to these qualities, the boxes also offer greater volume capacity because of the straight sides.

Interlocking Design Makes it Worry-Free

When it comes to stacking, the design makes it both safe and easy. Its interlocking design ensures that this is so. You can stack it up several pieces high and you don’t need to worry about it too much. Because it is steady and secure, you can focus on other important that also require your attention.

Paired With Dollies

It can be argued that the containers can’t really exist without the dollies. After all, you just don’t stack them but also need to move them about. The dollies need to be light and easy to pull and at the same time be strong and sturdy. They are also manufactured according to standards that enable them to withstand all of the poundings that come with being used for industrial and commercial purposes.

Key Features

Each side of the bins is reinforced for added strength and durability. The base, in particular, offers the right kind of smoothness for perfect use on standard conveyors and the ergonomically designed handles and label holder means easier handling. When it comes to stacking, the interlocking design assures that everything is secure and the contents are safe.

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