What do we mean when we talk about shop fittings?


It is an expression you’ll find used on our website a lot, due to the nature of our business, but it might not be clear to you what we mean when we talk about shop fittings. In the simplest terms, shop fittings include everything that is involved in turning an empty space into a functional retail outlet. This comprises all the fixtures, fittings and equipment that shape the store, whether they are essential or aesthetic in nature.

The process of shop fittings UK

The process begins at the planning stage, where the store owner works together with their shop fittings suppliers to decide what Is needed and where it should go. It is important that the store is arranged in the most customer-friendly way possible, to encourage high traffic (which will hopefully lead to high sales). Visitors to your retail outlet should be able to move around with ease, while also having access to every single area in which your products are sold. Customers want to be able to touch and assess your items, without having to ask for assistance, so easy access is important and should be considered at this stage.

In every scenario, you will have to think about access for wheelchairs and pushchairs. Not only does this create a more welcoming, inclusive environment, but it is also required by law. If yours is a store that makes use of extra-wide trolleys, you’ll need even more space in your aisles.

You should also consider what types of products will go where in the store. Supermarkets are good at grouping items in a user-friendly way. Usually, you’ll find fresh food at the front and less perishable items at the back. Teas, coffees, and biscuits tend to be grouped together, while bread and bakery items are in the same aisle. This makes for a customer-friendly experience since they will always be able to find what they need.

Your shop fitting suppliers should understand this and be able to help you with your layout strategy in the same way.

Getting your retail shop fittings right

While the layout is clearly the most important consideration, you should also consider the aesthetics of your shop fitting supplies. The styles you choose will depend on factors such as budget, brand, and preference, but they should work together to create a unified look within your store. While second-hand shops might be able to get away with mismatched hangers and contrasting shop fitting equipment, most clothing stores will be keen to attract a certain audience and aesthetics are an important part of this. They will be more interested in fashion fittings. Meanwhile, a DIY shop might be keen to promote a simple style that is strong and durable, free from any frills.

Again, you’ll find good shop fitting manufacturers will have interior design knowledge, that will enable them to guide you in this process. They will also be able to tell you about other brands they have worked with, giving you some inspiration for your own store.

Why is it important to get high-quality shop fitting supplies UK?

Not all shop fitting supplies are created equal. The very integrity of your shop depends on the products you have used to put it together. If your fixtures and fittings aren’t up to scratch or have been implemented poorly, you risk accidents in your shop.

If a shelf should collapse, for example, there would be many knock-on issues. Anything sat on the shelf could break, costing you profits.

Worse, still, if the shelf hit a customer, you could be facing a lawsuit. If anything on the shelf broke and an unsuspecting customer trod on it or tripped over it, you would also be in trouble. Of course, accidents do sometimes happen, but if you have high-quality fittings, you’ll reduce the risk of this.

At the most basic level, shoddy fittings won’t promote a professional environment. If customers can see that the very foundation of your store is cheap and low-quality, they will also question the integrity of your wares.

Shop fitting tips

It can be difficult to know where to start when fitting out your retail unit. Here are some helpful tips to make the process simpler:

  • Put yourself in the mind of your customer: When shopping, what will they expect from your fittings and layout? What will impress them and what will put them off? Maybe do a small customer survey and address any potential issues before they arise.
  • Consider your brand: Certain shop fitting elements might catch your eye, but do they complement your brand. Every single aspect of your business needs to stay on brand to promote your business message, so do not deviate from this. Of course, the right signage will also help with this.
  • Don’t forget small details: Will you need to move your shelves from time to time, or are you aiming for a particular aesthetic on your walls? Do you need bespoke products that will have to be ordered in advance?
  • Fill the space with light: There should be no dark corners in your store since this will mean that some items never get the visibility that they deserve. You can, of course, include a spotlight section to promote key items and this works well in clothing shops. Depending on the ambience you are aiming for, you might like to experiment with different colours and styles of lighting.
  • Fill your store with signs: Make it easy for customers to find exactly what they need with large, attractive signs to direct them.

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