With Easter just around the corner it’s time for consumers to get s’hopping’


Presentation is everything, particularly if you’re a retailer. We’ve blogged before about the importance of getting your retail displays and visual merchandising right, but most people think that only applies to shop windows and clothes rails.

Seasonal products make great visual points and with Easter, just around the corner, many consumers will be ‘hopping’ to the shops to pick up their greeting cards. So how do you ensure that your card display stand is going to attract the attention of your customers and make those all-important sales?

Keep it neat

You may have a variety of cards, fluffy chicks, and Easter eggs to sell, but don’t pile everything you have onto one stand unless it remains neat. Try creating a themed display to promote your products so they remain attractive and easy to view, but make sure you always keep it tidy – consumers don’t like messy stores.

Encourage impulse buys

OK, so it’s hard to miss the fact that it’s Easter coming up with all the yellow shop windows, but when people are busy they forget what they went into a shop for. Invest in some countertop card displays stands so that you can place some of your best sellers by the checkout. It’ll capture the attention of shoppers while they’re queueing up and can encourage last-minute impulse purchases.


Don’t forget the power of signs, especially for card exhibits. Customers want to be able to pop into a store, pick up what they need, and walk out. Make it easy for them, and guide them in the direction of the seasonal, birthday, and anniversary cards with signs. They’re much more likely to purchase something if they can find what they’re looking for.

Use space effectively

If there is one thing that’s sure to put off customers, it’s not being able to move and browse your store. Whether you have a large or small store, use it to its best potential, but don’t fill it with racks and tables. For seasonal merchandise set up a display outside or in the entranceway, this will catch your customers’ attention as they enter and leave the store, and it won’t take up your floor area.

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4 Tier Counter Cardboard Brochure and Leaflet Display - 16009

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