Personalised Coat Hangers - Bombshell

When a cutting edge, vintage inspired designer wanted to make her mark on the London high street, she knew it was all about branding. Custom hangers can create a powerful visual merchandising presence, so she was keen to secure logo hangers for her beautifully designed dresses ready for launch. Here’s how we fulfilled her requirements:

Our client

Originally a TV costume designer, the story goes that Katya Wildman was unable to find gorgeous dresses to flatter her curves, so she went and designed her own. From this, Bombshell Dresses was born. A brand that’s all about confidence, fine fabrics and a flawless, vintage influenced style that lets any woman feel like she can take on the world.

Our customer’s goal

As a newcomer to the London fashion scene, Katya Wildman wanted to create a brand that stood out on its own, but which also maintained her profile as an expert designer in her own right. Armed with an eye-catching logo, she approached us to create personalised hangers for Bombshell London that reflected the luxurious, high end nature of her beautiful products.

Our approach

We knew that these customised clothes hangers needed to be of the highest quality to really show of Bombshell dresses at their very best. For this reason, we chose to use wooden printed coat hangers, which offer a better shape, a more durable construction and a boutique-worthy look.

Working with her supplied logo in luxurious gold, we decided on black customised clothes hangers, giving the finished design a classy appeal in-keeping with the brand. The client supplied high resolution artwork and a pantone number, so that we could get everything precisely right, and we set to work setting up the process to produce these branded coat hangers.

When we create a personalized hanger with logo added, we use a specialised printing process known as PAD printing, or tampography. This transfers a 2d image onto a 3d surface, such as is required when we create a personalised hanger with logo. It ensures perfect replication of the logo, and also gives the logo a colourfast nature, to avoid any contamination of garments with ink.

The end results

We really enjoyed producing these personalised hangers for Bombshell London. We loved their logo, and the gold colour of the print was a fun colour to work with, one which we rarely get asked to use. We think this colour contrasts beautifully with the jet black of the branded coat hangers, resulting in a powerful visual merchandising display for any retail store. Our customer was enchanted with the final result, and we look forward to working with them again for any customised clothes hangers they may need in future.

If you think your business could benefit from custom logo hangers, you’d be right. Time and again we’ve been told how influential these types of visual branding can be in the retail environment, and are certain printed coat hangers could do wonders for your business too. To find out more about how your business could benefit from custom logo hangers, and for a free quotation from our experts, call today and we’ll be happy to help.