Personalised Hangers - Okun

Okun Africa Beach Wear

A beachwear UK brand that’s inspired by Africa. A supplier of custom clothes hangers with an eye for detail. A match made in heaven? When Okun beachwear heard about our expertise in branded hangers, they knew we were the right supplier for them. Here’s how we got on when they asked us to create unique printed coat hangers for their range of mens designer swimwear and more.

Our client

Inspired by Africa, made in London, Okun are a brand specialising in beachwear UK and abroad. From mens designer swimwear to shirts, bags and more, Okun take their inspiration from the traditional kente cloth supplied to Akan royalty in Africa. Stocked by companies in the UK, Paris and USA, this is a unique brand with a wonderful, colourful clothing range, perfect for bringing the beachwear to the high street.

Our customer’s goal

Our customer was looking for brand recognition, and for a professional means of displaying their range in their pop up shop over the summer. They came to us for custom clothes hangers because they’d heard of our expertise in supplying branded wooden coat hangers UK wide. They needed their design applied to white printed coat hangers, and required a solution that would accommodate their entire designer swimwear range.

Our approach

These branded hangers needed to be versatile enough for our client’s entire designer swimwear range, so we picked two distinct designs to work with. Splitting their order between a trouser hanger and a standard hanger, we ensured their order was both affordable and functional at the same time.

Using a PAD printing process, we transferred the client’s pre-supplied logo from a two-dimensional design to the surface of our three-dimensional object – the wooden hanger. Furnishing it with high quality clips in shiny chrome gave it the perfect finish, and the versatility they needed to display all their products in a professional manner.

The end results

We love how these hangers look, and so did our client. The fresh, light coloured wood contrasts beautifully with the printed logo, giving these hangers a beachy, down to earth look. All the products were supplied within the client’s desired timeframe, and we were delighted to receive a number of photographs from their pop up shop, showing just how powerful this visual merchandising can be in practice.

We supply our branded wooden coat hangers UK wide and internationally too, so whether you’re in Newcastle or New York, we’re here to help you secure the printed coat hangers you need for your business. Contact our expert team today, and we’ll be happy to provide a free quotation for your retail hangers printed with logo.