How are clothes hangers printed?

How are clothes hangers printed? Valentino's Displays Blog

Okun Beach Wear Printed Hangers

The Process

The pad printing process involves an image etched into a steel plate which holds a layer of ink. The image is collected by a soft silicone pad which then transfers the ink onto the product, in this case, wooden printed clothes hangers.

A huge range of products can be printed and branded with a company logo. The pad used for printing comes in a variety of shapes and sizes and can be custom made to suit any print requirement. We can also print as a single colour or in more colours. If you would like to watch us print our clothes hangers then have a look at the video below of which we have just finished for our client.

For those interested in getting a quote for printed bespoke clothes hangers for your brand and to enhance your fashion displays then please contact us by email at; or you can telephone us on 01489 808007 or by visiting our websitewww.valentinosdisplays.comfor more information where you are also able to see our extensive range of display case studies.

How are clothes hangers printed? Valentino's Displays Blog

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