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Chrome Slatwall Feature Arms

Chrome Slatwall Accessories

When you need to create a professional looking retail display without spending the earth, slatwall is a great solution. Our cheap slatwall is an affordable solution to making the most of vertical space, and an excellent choice for when you need to make a display in a hurry. Retail slatwall offers a versatile, user friendly and affordable way to display your products, but only when you choose the right slatwall fittings to complement your purchase.

Why choose retail slatwall?

We love our cheap slatwall as a solution to rapid deployment of gorgeous displays, and as an investment, itís a great choice. For businesses on a budget, itís easy to buy slatwall in a relatively inexpensive way, and to build on your collection with cheap slat hooks and slatwall fittings to change up your display and create new looks for your store. If youíre looking for slatted wall panels for sale, with all the expert advice you need thrown in for free, come to Valentinoís Displays.

A great selection of slatwall fittings

To complement your investment in our retail slatwall, our slatwall fittings are the perfect choice. Manufactured by us to fit perfectly in our cheap slatwall panels, you can select the ideal accessories to provide display opportunities for your products. Choose from:

  • 11 ball sloping chrome arms: These chrome feature arms are 280mm long, and feature 11 chromed balls to accommodate items on hangers with ease. Fitting perfectly into the slatted wall panels for sale on our site, these are made from strong steel to ensure a robust hanging for your items.
  • 5 arm sloping hook chrome arms: These make a great change from cheap slat hooks, allowing you to display items on hangers with ease. Thanks to the 100mm slot in slatwall fitting, items donít get cramped or crushed, ensuring they are seen at their very best at all times.
  • Chrome stepped arm: Our durable chrome plated steel stepped arms offer a great way to display items at two distinct heights. Display tops and matching bottoms together, show complementary products next to partners, and make life easier with our heavy duty slatwall fittings.
  • Straight arms: Our chrome feature arms give you the choice of elevating one particular product to the front of the display, or loading it up with several items to display different sizes or variations. Choose from 300mm or 400mm long to suit.

When you buy slatwall from Valentinoís Displays, why not invest in our amazingly cheap slatwall fittings to really bring your displays to life. If you canít find your perfect slatted wall panels for sale on our website, simply get in touch and weíll create something special just for you.

Buy slat wall UK wide, and abroad too!

We ship all our slatted wall panels for sale on our website UK wide, using specialist shippers due to the size and weight of the product. If youíre based overseas, you can still buy slatwall accessories and products from us, but please get in touch for a shipping quote to get a great price on your delivery. Call our expert team today to find out more.