Investing in a slatwall display is a great choice for any business. These simple, modular slatwall systems are quick and easy to install, and can be used in a huge variety of ways to display practically anything you can think of. Our slatwalling for sale on our website is one of our most popular products, and ideal for businesses looking to make the most out of wasted vertical space.

Buying your slatwall display from us

We offer a wide range of slatwalling for sale, which you can order either via the website or over the phone with one of our friendly team. To pick the ideal slatwall display for your business, simply:

  • Pick a finish to complement your existing décor
  • Select inserts, if required, in a colour of your choice
  • Load up on slatwall accessories to give you plenty of options for display arrangements

We’re here to help, so if you can’t find the right retail slatwall accessories or panels for your store, simply get in touch for expert advice. We do ship our panels and slatwall accessories UK wide, but will need to levy an additional charge for delivery due to the size and weight of these items. Call us for more information or to obtain a competitive quote.

Choosing the right slat board accessories for your shop

Picking slatwall brackets and hangers can be a confusing process. Without a firm design in mind, you’ll be wondering how many hooks, hangers and slatwall brackets you need to create a professional, eye catching display. Here are our top tips on picking the right cheap slatwall fittings for your products:

  • Think about what you want to display: Small items can be grouped closer together, with several to one arm or hanger, whereas larger items will need fewer but sturdier slat board hooks.
  • Consider how those products come to you: If you buy products with no hanging facility on the packaging, you can add this yourself with our self-adhesive hang tabs. These fit perfectly on our slat board hooks or arms, to instantly make your products ready for display.
  • Use eye level wisely: Putting your most popular or profitable products at eye level will help to get the noticed. If you plan to use the panels from top to bottom, aim to place larger items on slatwall shelves and brackets at the bottom, with smaller items higher up on slatwall hooks.
  • Don’t be wedded to one idea: They say that variety is the spice of life, and we couldn’t agree more. When you buy slat hooks, rails and shelves for your display, don’t worry about getting it perfect first time. The beauty of slat board accessories is that you can always add to your collection to create new and interesting displays that change with the seasons or products you have available.
  • Don’t scrimp on poor quality slat board accessories: Cheap slatwall fittings that are poorly made will be more trouble that they’re worth. Just imagine the trouble if your slatwall display shelves were to fall on a customer. Our slatwall shelves and brackets are not only great quality, they are great value for money too, offering you an affordable way to create a safe, effective display every time.

Slatboard systems aren’t just for small item; with the right slat board accessories, you can hang even heavy things such as tools, mannequins and even musical instruments. For advice on buying the right slat wall hooks and other accessories, talk to our expert team today.

Can’t find the slat board accessories you need?

Here at Valentino’s Displays, we manufacture most of our products right here in the UK. That means that we are free to create custom orders and products just to suit your requirements. If you’re looking for slatwall display shelves with unusual dimensions, or need a solution to mount a particular product to your slatwall, talk to us first and we’ll look to create a custom product just for you. For advice, recommendations and further information, call our team today.