Chrome Tube 25mm Diameter (Pack of 10) 38101
Chrome Tube 25mm Diameter (Pack of 10)38101
£109.95 +VAT
Chrome Tube 32mm Diameter (Pack of 5) 38102
Chrome Tube 32mm Diameter (Pack of 5)38102
£70.00 +VAT
We sell metal tube direct to our customers for use in their in-store displays, window displays and more. Our products are of the highest quality, and are available in either 25mm or 32mm widths. All our chrome tube is manufactured from 1mm thick metal, finished in beautiful shiny chrome to add a contemporary, clean look to your display.

As well as our chrome tube for sale here, we also bring you a range of chrome tube fittings to make it easy for you to install our products on site. If you need any help choosing the right system for your store, or need guidance on the fittings you should purchase as well, please talk to us first for friendly, expert advice.

Why choose chrome tubing and fittings for your store?

Metal tubes and fittings are incredible versatile and useful in all sorts of shop displays. The primary function is as a clothes hanger, although you can use these shop display systems for many other types of display.

The chrome tube for sale on our site will add a touch of elegance and beauty to your shop display, thanks to its scratch resistant mirror chrome finish. It looks clean, modern and attractive, and is super easy to maintain and use. When you buy chrome pipe, make sure you add enough chrome tube fittings, so that your finished display is complemented by the fixtures and fittings all in the same gorgeous material.

Top tips for creating shop display systems that work

We know you want to buy chrome tube so you can make your store look professional and attractive. As well as looking good, chrome tube shop fittings can also make your business more profitable, as it will encourage shoppers to buy more often, and to spend more than initially planned.

Here are our top tips on creating an amazing display with the chrome tube for sale here:

  • Create balance: Sophisticated balance is not symmetrical. Aim for an asymmetrical balance in your display to create interest and excitement.
  • Think about size: Place larger items on the chrome tubing and fittings first, filling in gaps with smaller, complementary accessories.
  • Consider colour: Think about colour palettes and create displays with complementary colours together.
  • Encourage upselling: Put outfits together, suggest accessories and encourage additional purchases through intelligent placement on your display.
  • Know when to stop: Simplicity is key when it comes to chrome tube shop fittings, so recognise when it’s done and don’t be tempted to cram too much in.
  • Light it up: Lighting is incredibly important in shop displays, so make sure there’s enough. Use light to draw attention to popular or special items.

Your display will set the tone for your brand, and will create an impression that your customers will remember. Take the time to build a display with your metal tubes and fittings that you can really be proud of.

Contact us for advice about our chrome metal tubes and tubing fittings

We’ve got decades of experience in display systems and retailing, so as well as buying your metal tubes direct from us, you can also come to us for advice and support. If you need any help deciding what to use, how to use it or have any questions about our products, please do get in touch as we’d be happy to help.