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Display Heads UK

Display Heads

We supply high quality display heads for all purposes, crafted from a range of durable materials and for the most affordable prices in the UK. Working with leading manufacturers, our exclusive collection of display heads has been hand-chosen by us and fully assessed for quality, presentation and superb value for money. Clothes rails and display stands are crucial for garment retailers, but for many items of clothing and accessories cannot do the products justice. From sunglasses to scarves to hats to necklaces and so many more examples besides, the way in which such items can be brought to life by display heads is simply extraordinary.

Display heads allow your customers to see in an instant not only what the products look like, but how they look on the person wearing them. The difference is enormous and can often make the difference between making a sale and the item simply being walked past. And given the uniquely low prices of polystyrene heads and similar options within our collection, there’s no more affordable way to inject new life into your product displays.

Like all products across our range, we guarantee that each of our display heads is:
  • Made from high quality materials
  • 100% British made
  • Durable and designed for busy shop-floor use
  • Safe and non-toxic
  • Lightweight for ease of use
  • Realistically proportioned for effective product displays
  • Sold for the lowest price in the UK

We fully understand that while high quality polystyrene heads for display purposes exude professionalism, those of a lower standard will do nothing for your products or the image of your business. We know the difference and we only ever source and offer the very best the industry has to offer. Give us a call today to talk more about how we can help bring your store to life.