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Wire Dump Bins, Sale Bins and Dump Bin Baskets

Dump Bin Baskets

Dump Bin Baskets are a perfect shop fitting for those looking to place these in high traffic areas within your store and without cluttering shop floor space for your customers. With retailers keen on regularly changing the look and feel of their shop floor, Dump Baskets are a great way of enabling them to do so.

These are perfect for those impulse product purchases and if effectively displayed could be extremely beneficial for your business! These high quality wire storage baskets and retail Dump Bins are commonly used in and around stores to display a variety of high stock, lower value products.

Customers will be encouraged to use the shop display Dump Bins or commonly known as Sale Bins to add to their order, increasing the overall basket value of each average visitor to your store. These Dump Bins & Baskets are a must have for your store!

We supply a large selection of Dump Baskets including; Round Wire Dump Bins, Square Zinc Plated Dump Bins, Square White Plastic Coated Dump Bins and Heavy Duty Dump Bins.