Square Dump Bin Zinc 42cm Small 95709
Square Dump Bin Zinc 42cm Small95709
£29.95 +VAT
Square Dump Bin Zinc 60cm Large 95710
Square Dump Bin Zinc 60cm Large95710
£49.95 +VAT
Square Dump Bin Zinc 48cm Medium 95702
Square Dump Bin Zinc 48cm Medium95702
£34.95 +VAT
Square Dump Bin Zinc 54cm Large 95701
Square Dump Bin Zinc 54cm Large95701
£39.95 +VAT
Collapsible Dump Bin 400mm x 550mm 95712
Collapsible Dump Bin 400mm x 550mm95712
£34.95 +VAT
Collapsible Dump Bin 430mm x 780mm 95713
Collapsible Dump Bin 430mm x 780mm95713
£24.95 +VAT
Collapsible Dump Bin 620mm x 780mm 95711
Collapsible Dump Bin 620mm x 780mm95711
£54.95 +VAT
Heavy Duty Wire Dump Bin 95708
Heavy Duty Wire Dump Bin95708
£49.95 +VAT
The ideal way to store your smaller value items, our metal dump bins are sleek and tidy, helping to keep your retail space organised. When full, customers can easily rummage through for basket-fillers, adding value to each receipt that you hand out.

Shop for dump bins to solve all your retail dilemmas

Whether you have a shelf that is too cluttered with low-value items, or you are just looking to beef up your POS sales, our cheap sale bins are here with solutions! Your valuable shelf space should be saved for your premium products, giving the space and visibility that they require to boost your profits. In the meantime, small, fiddly products can be placed in a dump bin basket where customers will be happy to browse for their low-cost purchases.

Keep your dump bin basket by your till to allow customers to browse while they queue, maximising their time spent in your store.

Dump bins for sale in all shapes and sizes

Not all metal dump baskets were created equal, but we do believe there is a dump bin for every situation. That is why we have put together a selection of options for you to choose from, ensuring you choose the bin that best suits your current needs. Think about how much space you have around your till area, and how a dump bin might enhance this space. Then, take a look through our dump bins for sale and choose the one that best matches your requirements.

Your premium dump bin UK manufacturer

As always, we pride ourselves on bringing you the very best value for money and products that will enhance the shopping experience. With so much to offer our valued customers, there are many reasons to shop with us.

  • Unrivalled product range: We have everything you might possibly need to kit out your retail space. Whether you would like a square dump basket or a round one, or maybe even a selection of collapsible dump baskets for occasional use, you will find it at Valentino’s.
  • The cheapest dump bins: When it comes to offering value for money, we are the best! High-quality products are offered at the lowest possible price to allow you to make the most of your retail space whilst boosting your profit margins.
  • Products made to last: Everything has been crafted to the highest manufacturing standards to ensure you get the longest use out of your purchases. You want to know that your boutique will still be profitable in ten or fifteen years’ time, with furnishings that look as good as the day you bought them.
  • Can’t find what you’re looking for?: We work hard to cover every scenario but occasionally you might need something that is completely unique to your business. For those situations, we are delighted to offer a bespoke service. We can create promotional dump baskets featuring your brand logo or extra-large dump bins for your more awkward items. Put us to the test and let us know how we can help.

Get discount bins direct to your door

With fast, free delivery for orders over £100, you might think that Valentino’s Displays couldn’t be any better when it comes to value for money. However, if you shop dump baskets in bulk, we are able to offer wholesale discounts that will significantly reduce your price per unit. For any enquiries or help with your purchasing decision, we would be pleased to help. Simply call us on 01489 808007 or send us an email at info@valentinosdisplays.com and we will get back to you as soon as we can.