Round Wire Dump Bin 53cm 95704
Round Wire Dump Bin 53cm95704
£39.95 +VAT
Light Duty Round Sale Basket 54cm 95714
Light Duty Round Sale Basket 54cm95714
£29.95 +VAT
Round Wire Dump Bin 55cm 95703
Round Wire Dump Bin 55cm95703
£31.95 +VAT
Square White Dump Bin 40cm Small 95705
Square White Dump Bin 40cm Small95705
£24.95 +VAT
Square White Plastic Wire 40cm Dump Bin Basket 95717
Square White Plastic Wire 40cm Dump Bin Basket95717
£24.95 +VAT
Collapsible White Dump Bin 41cm 95707
Collapsible White Dump Bin 41cm95707
£29.95 +VAT
Square White Dump Bin 60cm Large 95706
Square White Dump Bin 60cm Large95706
£49.95 +VAT
Neatly displaying your smaller promotional items can be difficult. Some things are just so small and fiddly that there is no way they can be neatly organised on a shelf. However, a round dump bin can provide the perfect solution. This retail unit sits on the shop floor, underneath a shelf or by the till, allowing customers to rummage through to find the thing they are looking for. This works particularly well with highly durable, lower-cost items, ensuring they take up minimal display space that should be reserved for your premium products.

The highest quality dump bins for shops

The round wire dump bin might be a simple concept, but the craftmanship of manufacture that has gone into creating each and every one that is sold by Valentino’s is immense. We pride ourselves in ensuring our products are fit for purpose and made to last, so that you only need to purchase more retail furniture as you expand your business offering.

The many solutions that come from shop display dump baskets

There are many things you can do with our small round dump bins. If you have just cleared a shelf of old stock, you can place it in one of your promotional dump bins to get rid of those products, while simultaneously making room for next seasons stock. Perhaps you have a lot of lower-cost items that don’t bring much value to your shop on their own but will help to boost your shopper’s basket value. In that case, these items would be better in a dump bin than on the shelf where premium products should take pride of place. Sometimes, however, these clever retail dump bins can just act as a way to control a queue. When placed along a certain trajectory, shoppers in the queue to the till can continue shopping as they wait. This has the dual bonus of keeping them entertained so they are not too cross when they reach the front and also increasing your profit margins.

Why buy your wire dump bins retail display from us?

Valentino’s Displays is the best place to buy all your store furniture, ensuring your business marketing and branding is completely aligned and working for your retail space. Our retail dump baskets are an excellent example of exactly what we can achieve when working with you. We offer:

  • A range like no other: No other business can offer you the same selection of retail dump bins. Our bins come in big and small, deep and shallow, round and square, to name just a few variables. Whatever you require, you’ll find it here.
  • Cheap dump bins: Money is the driving force of all business, so you’ll want to keep your outgoings low and your incomings high. Our products help with both aspects, since they are low-cost to purchase and can help to encourage further purchases so that your profit rises!
  • Made with love and care: Every one of our products is made to the highest quality standards, ensuring you receive an item that goes above and beyond your expectations.
  • Promotional dump bins on request: If you need something a little different, please get in touch. We are able to provide bespoke and customised creations that will better suit your store’s theme.

Your one-stop shop for shop display dump baskets

We know that our retail dump baskets already offer incredible value for money. However, they are even cheaper per unit if you make a wholesale purchase. We also provide free delivery for orders over £100. If you need any help, or have any questions, please contact us on 01489 808007 or