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Female Bald Mannequins (For Wigs)

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Female Bald Mannequins (For Wigs)

Selling products such as wigs, jewellery and hats can be made much more interactive and powerful when you use a bald mannequin head display. These versatile bald female mannequin head products are ideal for displaying headwear, hairstyles and more, and have been designed to be hard wearing and robust, good for years of in store displays.

Selecting your mannequin head for wigs or other products

We offer our bald mannequin head models in a range of poses, skin tones and finishes so that you can find the perfect model for your products. Consider your needs and take your pick of bald female mannequin head models based on:

  • The pose: Hands at the sides, hands on hips, crossed arms or even seated… however you want your girl to pose, we have the right mannequin heads for wigs right here.
  • The skin tone: Our mannequins come in a range of skin shades to suit your products. Pick from natural, flesh tone or tanned models, all with bald mannequin head for wig making and more.
  • The stand: All our mannequins are supplied with a dual-purpose glass stand, featuring both calf and foot fittings for greater flexibility.
  • Quantity and shipping: When you shop for our bald mannequin heads for wig making and more, the more you buy, the more you save. Contact us for a competitive shipping quote to suit your deadline too.

We pride ourselves on working hard to bring you great value for money and exemplary customer service. If you can’t see what you want in our collection of mannequin heads for wigs models, simply get in touch with our team and we’ll be pleased to design a bespoke product just for you.

Simply add wigs for mannequins and you’re ready to go

All our mannequin head for wigs models are made from high quality fibreglass to make them both durable and lightweight. They come to you with the mannequin head for wigs all made up, ready to be dressed and displayed in your store. Simply add any of your wigs for mannequins to the model, and you’ll be ready to go.

Call today for a free quotation on your perfect mannequin head for wigs model, and to find out about shipping direct to you. We deliver our products worldwide and are able to handle large volumes and tight timescales with ease. For all your mannequin head for wig making model needs, call Valentino’s today and we’ll be happy to help.