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Female White Active Mannequins

White Active Sports Mannequins For Sale - Female

A good product willsell itself, and if you can showcase just how good it looks in action, thenyou’re giving it every chance of doing just that. Demonstrating sportsequipment, clothes and shoes is easy, but requires a special sort of display.Customers want to aspire to a lifestyle, and you can let them visualise thatgoal when you use an amazing sports mannequin to demonstrate your product.

Looking for cheap mannequins?

You might be on thelookout for cheap mannequins for yourstore, but is poor quality really something you want to settle for? Cheapmannequins are often made of substandard materials, and will look bad in yourdisplays, making your products look bad in the process. The bodies of cheapmannequins often lack definition and can look unprofessional in your shop.

Our mannequins are a great place tostart, as although they aren’t the cheapest mannequins in Britain, they areamazing quality and offer excellent value for money. Made from high qualityglass fibre, these models are built to last and to show off your products totheir very best. Meticulously crafted muscle definition will fill out yourapparel, and exciting poses means your sports mannequin will attract attentionand captivate your buyers as soon as they walk into the shop.

If you need more than one sportsmannequin, talk to us first. We offer bulk purchase discounts on all multiple orders,so you can enjoy even better value for money when you order several productsfrom us. We offer free delivery on all our display mannequins UK wide too, sothe price you see is the price you pay, with no hidden extras.

Create your perfect sports mannequin

We pride ourselves on offering one of the mostcomprehensive ranges of display mannequins in the UK, letting you design the
sports mannequin that willshow off your products in the very best way. Choose from:

  • Active sport: Posed in ajogging stance, this is a great mannequin for merchandising shoes, sportsclothing and more.
  • Walker: Thishigh-end mannequin is posed in a walking stride, perfect for hiking attire,Nordic walking equipment and more.
  • Golfer: Ourfemale golfing mannequin has incredible muscle definition and a perfectpost-shot pose, ideal for selling clubs, golfing attire and other accessories.
  • Fitness mannequin: Our female general fitness mannequin can be adaptedto suit your needs, with movable arms well suited to lifting weights,kettlebells or holding other equipment. 

All our mannequins are available to be customised by you, so if you’d like a different stance, size, colour or base, just talk to Valentino’s Displays for more advice and information.

The best display mannequins UK businessescould own

We ship our
display mannequins UK wide, to businesseslarge and small. Our models are used in retail stores, in large sports storesand even for photoshoots in catalogues and for ecommerce. Whatever you need,you can be sure your investment in one of our sports mannequins will be wellplaced.

We use high quality fibreglass in the manufacture of these models, and mount each one on either a glass or brass base, giving it stability and structure, whilst still being lightweight and easy to move around. Each one is coated in six layers of chip resistant paint to keep it looking outstanding for many years to come. We can create a sports mannequin in any pose or body type you desire, so if you can’t see what you’re looking for here on our site, get in touch and we’ll help you create the perfect model.