Male Fitness Mannequin 74101
Male Fitness Mannequin74101
£462.00 +VAT
Male Fitness Mannequin 74102
Male Fitness Mannequin74102
£462.00 +VAT
Male Runner Mannequin 74103
Male Runner Mannequin74103
£462.00 +VAT
Male Surfer Mannequin 74104
Male Surfer Mannequin74104
£462.00 +VAT
Male Acrobat Mannequin 74105
Male Acrobat Mannequin74105
£462.00 +VAT
Male Swimming Mannequin 74106
Male Swimming Mannequin74106
£462.00 +VAT
Male Basketball Mannequin 74107
Male Basketball Mannequin74107
£462.00 +VAT
Male Tennis Mannequin 74108
Male Tennis Mannequin74108
£462.00 +VAT
Male Biker Mannequin 74109
Male Biker Mannequin74109
£462.00 +VAT
Male Football Mannequin 74110
Male Football Mannequin74110
£462.00 +VAT
Male Walking Mannequin 74111
Male Walking Mannequin74111
£462.00 +VAT
Male Golfer Mannequin 74112
Male Golfer Mannequin74112
£462.00 +VAT
If you want to make your customers stop and take notice of your store, a well thought out window display could do wonders for your business. Our range of sporting and running mannequins is the perfect way to create an amazing window display that will stop passers-by in their tracks.

Realistic sportswear mannequins for eye-catching displays

Our male sport and running mannequins come in a wide range of poses, and feature sculpted head and hair designs, which can either be left white for a contemporary look or painted to look more realistic. From cycling to golf, soccer to weights, our sports mannequins are the right solution for you.

Large selection of sports mannequins UK available

If you also sell ladies’ products in your store, you’ll be pleased to hear that we also stock female sports mannequins in a range of poses and sporting stances, perfect for displaying your products. From running mannequins to tennis players, we’ve got the right product to help you promote your business in a professional, eye-catching manner.

The highest quality action mannequins you could buy

Every product in our wide range of action mannequins is fabricated to the same high standard, with nothing left to chance. We believe in investing once and enjoying for many years, so these are not your throw-away mannequins that won’t make it to the end of the year. Our products are high end display materials, suitable for use in your store for many years to come.

Every one of our sports mannequins comes with:

  • A robust fibreglass design, offering the ultimate in lightweight convenience alongside a solid, damage proof construction that will last and last.
  • Deep, rich colour, achieved by the application of no less than six layers of paint, selected for its chip resistant properties and designed to stand the test of time.
  • A glass or chrome mounting stand, heavy duty and weighted enough to ensure every display is safe and topple resistant.
  • Removable limbs for ease of dressing, posing and more.
  • A choice of colours, finishes and poses to suit your products.
  • Free UK delivery, within 14 days for off-the-shelf and 28 days for custom orders.
  • Our 14 day no quibble returns guarantee, letting you test the quality and inspect the workmanship first hand.

Enquire about a bespoke action pose mannequin

Because our sports and running mannequins are made by us, you don’t have to settle for just what you see on our website. These sculpted hair models are available in a whole host of poses, and if you’ve got something specific in mind, we’ll be able to make a bespoke design just for you. Choose your pose, your gender, your colour and the finish, and we’ll create something that ticks all your boxes in no time.

Need help? Contact us about our active mannequins for sale

We sell action mannequins to businesses large and small all over the UK, and often further afield too. If you are based in Europe or anywhere else in the world, we can still help. Talk to our team for a shipping quote for your location today.