Female Fitness Mannequin 74209
Female Fitness Mannequin74209
£462.00 +VAT
Female Fitness Mannequin 74210
Female Fitness Mannequin74210
£462.00 +VAT
Female Runner Mannequin 74201
Female Runner Mannequin74201
£462.00 +VAT
Female Tennis Mannequin 74202
Female Tennis Mannequin74202
£462.00 +VAT
Female Acrobat Mannequin 74203
Female Acrobat Mannequin74203
£462.00 +VAT
Female Swimming Mannequin 74204
Female Swimming Mannequin74204
£462.00 +VAT
Female Biker Mannequin 74205
Female Biker Mannequin74205
£462.00 +VAT
Female Aerobic Mannequin 74206
Female Aerobic Mannequin74206
£462.00 +VAT
Female Walking Mannequin 74207
Female Walking Mannequin74207
£462.00 +VAT
Female Golfer Mannequin 74208
Female Golfer Mannequin74208
£462.00 +VAT
Female Lifter Sports Mannequin 74224
Female Lifter Sports Mannequin74224
£462.00 +VAT
From clothes and apparel to sports equipment and footwear, displaying your products on a gorgeously sculpted female mannequin is sure to attract attention. From sports window displays to in store decoration, our sports mannequins are the high quality, attention grabbing display products you should have bought years ago!

Our amazingly life like mannequins

Here at Valentino’s Displays, we pride ourselves on offering amazingly high-quality products at consistently low prices. Our mannequins for sale are no exception. Fabricated from durable fibreglass and presented with a heavy-duty glass base, these models are ready to use right out of the box, and are designed to last for many years to come. Choose from any one of our incredibly life like mannequins, and get your shop working harder for you:
  1. Fitness mannequins: Our gorgeously life like mannequins in fitness poses offer incredible versatility and flexibility, meaning you’ll find plenty of uses for them in your store. Place something in their hands, move their arms up and down or give them a ball, weight or bag to carry and you’ve instantly got a huge range of possible sports window displays, so you can keep you store looking new and fresh.
  2. Running: The female runner mannequin is another highly flexible pose that can be adapted to suit different needs and displays. Is she jogging, about to strike a football or taking part in athletics? You can decide, and you can change her attire to give yourself many more sports window displays and in store options to suit the changing seasons.
  3. Tennis: For tennis and squash, as well as other racquet sports, our female tennis mannequin is the ideal choice. She’s poised, ready to take a shot, and ready to help you sell your products. These are such life like mannequins, you can almost see the concentration in her muscles and stance as she waits for the return of the ball.
  4. Acrobatics: If you’re in the business of gymnastics equipment, sporting attire or other athletic products, our acrobatic lady is perfect for your needs. She’s one of our most unique  mannequins for sale on our website, and is a unique product, design and manufactured by Valentino’s. Nothing else quite grabs the attention like this lady dangling from your ceiling.
  5. Swimming: Our swimming mannequin is an amazing choice for those selling swimwear or involved in the scuba or snorkelling industries. Hanging from sturdy wires, these life like mannequins will look absolutely incredible adorning the ceiling of your sports store building. If the pose is not quite what you need, just talk to us about other swimming mannequin poses and we’ll be happy to help.
  6. Aerobics: From yoga to Zumba, aerobic classes are big business right now, so what better way to sell your attire or other products than with our aerobic posed mannequin. Her toned, muscular body is designed to showcase your clothing perfectly, whilst still maintaining a healthy size 10 – 12 body type.
  7. Cycling: Think you can’t get good mannequins for selling bikes and cycling products? Think again! Valentino’s Displays have developed this versatile lady cyclist mannequin to help you do just that. With this girl, your sports window displays will be eye-catching, dynamic and will serve to draw customers into your shop.
  8. Walking: From Nordic walking to hill hiking, our female walking mannequins for sale on our site are designed to help you demonstrate all your clothing, boots and accessories in style. Put together an aspirational look from the products that you sell, and inspire your customers to buy more each time they shop.
  9. Golfing: Fore! Our girl golfer will add an element of dynamism and action to any sports window displays or in-store point of sale area. From clubs to clothes, this is a better way to showcase your amazing products and upsell your sales.
  10. Lifting: She’s a toned, athletic lifter and one of our most life like mannequins for sale on our website. She comes in stylish white, with two arms raised and a mounting platform, on which you can place weights, bags or other products that you want to highlight in your store.

Shoot to our contact page for advice on a sports mannequin

Of course, if you can’t find precisely the mannequins for sale on our site that you really need, we can help there too. From colour choices to different poses, alternative body types to models with and without heads, we’ll help you find the very best and most life like mannequins to make your store look great. Talk to our friendly and experienced team today to find out more about custom sports mannequins for your business.