Powder Coated Personalised Hangers

High street retailers need to be able to display their garments in an attractive, effective manner, which often means they need to buy personalised hangers for their shops. However, not all customers want their retail supplies hangers to be printed or embossed; sometimes it’s simply about getting the shape and colour absolutely spot on.

Our client

Our clothing retailer client sells high end, quality garments of all shapes and sizes. When this client went to shop for personalised hangers, they heard we were a top wooden hanger supplier for businesses.

Our customer's goal

Our client knew we shipped our custom hangers UK wide, and got in touch with us to discuss their needs. Their retail store needed to stand out from the crowd on the high street, with beautiful, stylish hangers which were also highly versatile and robust. They knew the shape they wanted, they knew the style, but could we supply the two together?

Our approach

We do love a challenge, so despite the fact this specific combination of colour and style were not available, we still took the job. Here’s how we got on:

  • Style: This customer wanted highly versatile bespoke hangers for clothes ranging from jackets to sweaters and much more. They chose the broad shaped hanger, as it gives the garments a beautiful shape.
  • Colour: Our client specified black hangers, but as this broad shaped hanger style was only available in natural woo, we needed to look at supplying painted coat hangers to meet their colour need.
  • Process: Painted coat hangers are not difficult to achieve, particularly when you have the option to powder coat as we do, but it still took some planning to ensure we got the perfect matt black finish, and that all hangers were dry and ready to ship within the customer’s timescales.

We set to work creating these personalised coat hangers for our client, working hard to stay on schedule and maintain perfect quality control too.

The end results

When it comes to bespoke hangers for clothes, we think nothing says quality as well as wooden hangers do. Although our wooden hanger supplier couldn’t provide stained black items, we were happy to paint these personalised coat hangers to achieve the matt black finish. We think you’ll agree that they look amazing, and our client did too.

Without a doubt, when in the market for custom hangers UK businesses can do no better than Valentino’s Displays. Browse our online shop for personalised hangers, or talk to our expert team about your perfect retail supplies hangers. For plain or personalised, plastic or wooden hanger suppliers, we’re the UK’s number one choice.