Personalised Hangers for ilovegorgeous


Designer children’s clothing is a niche but lucrative marketplace, if you can get it right. Mums Lucy Enfield and Sophie Worthington definitely did get it right, with their ilovegorgeous brand, attractive celebrity mums within months of opening their doors. When they needed to buy printed hangers for their new flagship store, they turned to us for help.

Our client

Ilovegorgeous is a high-end children’s clothing brand, selling individually designed pieces for girls aged from six months to 15 years old. Their stunning garments are created with wonderfully unique fabrics, such as silk, chiffon and jersey, to move with the child and create princess-like drama. As well as party dresses and day dresses, they sell beautiful skirts, cardigans, jumpers and more from their Notting Hill Gate store in London. Now rebranded as Wild and Gorgeous, the company continues to go from strength to strength.

Our customer’s goal

Since launching in 2006, Ilovegorgeous had become an instant hit, and could count Kate Moss, Stella Tennant and Claudia Schiffer among its customers. They were opening their first flagship store, and needed a large quantity of beautifully branded custom wood hangers to complement their glorious garments. They approved the sample we sent them, and decide to buy their full quota of wild and gorgeous custom wooden hangers from Valentino’s Displays.

Our approach

We’ve supplied custom hangers UK wide for years, but even so, every project is different. A unique aspect of the order from ilovegorgeous was that they needed such a wide range of hanger sizes, from personalised baby hangers all the way up to adult size for their teenage clothing range. We found it difficult to source the sizes of hangers they wanted in the specified finish, so we decided to make them ourselves.

The client requested a matt wooden finish, so no varnish or polish was to be used on the wood. Because we manufacture many of our products ourselves, we were able to design and produce these custom wood hangers precisely as the client wanted them, rather than forcing them to go with something which was not quite right.

We built hangers in three sizes; personalized baby hangers, custom child sized hangers and tween / teen sized hangers for the larger clothes. We produced two designs in each size; a jacket hanger and a wishbone hanger with peg clips. Finally, we applied the logo in hot pink using a PAD printing process, to ensure boldness of colour and fastness, so the client could be sure it would not transfer to their garments

The end results

We’re confident that you’ll agree, these wild and gorgeous custom wooden hangers look amazing. The PAD printing process kept the pink colour wonderfully bold and bright, and the matt wooden finish really sets off the logo. It was a long project with big numbers involved, but we were really pleased with how it turned out.

Our client was delighted too, and commented,

"Have picked up the hangers and we’re really pleased with them, they look great, we were worried that the colour wouldn’t be bold enough but you’ve got it just right. Thanks very much!"

We supply customised hangers UK wide to clothing retailers large and small. Whether you’re selling children’s clothes or adults garments, you can buy printed hangers  from us that will display your items beautifully. Get in touch to find out more, or browse our range for inspiration.