Personalised Coathangers for Adidas

Visual of Painted, Printed Coathangers - Adidas

When we received an order to create personalised hangers for Adidas, we were delighted for the opportunity to work with such a well-known brand. But with 300 hangers to produce in six different colours, with a further six colours of printed logo required and only 10 days to deliver the lot, could we do it? Of course we could. Here’s how we got on.

Our client

Most of the world has heard of Supplying a range of high spec sports clothing and equipment, they are the second largest sports brand in the world, after Nike. Formed in Germany in 1949, Adidas have gone on to become a leading name in football, golf, cricket and more, with the brand’s iconic three stripes making their products and marketing instantly recognisable.

Our customer's goal

Our client needed to create 300 custom wood hangers in a variety of colours, each printed with the Adidas logo in a different contrasting colour. They needed these personalised coat hangers delivered to various addresses around the UK and required delivery within 10 days. They had already decided on a hanger style and size, as well as the colours they needed, which made our job easier from the start.

Our approach

Creating hangers for a popular retailer like had to be done perfectly. With a tight deadline ahead of us, we had to plan each part of the process meticulously, such as:

  • Colours: Adidas had supplied us with Pantone numbers for each of the colours they required. This made our job easier, but also meant we had to ensure an adequate supply of paint for each of the 12 colours in the job.
  • Printing: These personalised hangers for Adidas had to be over printed with the Adidas logo in contrasting colours, a different colour for each colour of hanger. We used a PAD printing process to ensure the designs were completely colourfast.
  • Delivery: With a number of addresses to deliver to, we had to be highly organised in batching up the right quantities of hangers and arranging the courier for delivery.

As usual, we completed the project right on time, with the various Adidas stores receiving their selection of the 300 hangers in plenty of time for their needs.

The end results

We were wholeheartedly satisfied with the amazing results on these printed coat hangers. The colours look vibrant and the contrasting hues of the Adidas logo really make the designs pop. Our client commented that:

"They look great! I think they have come out really well, they would look great to show off.”

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