Custom Clothes Hangers - Paper Dolls

Paper Dolls Logo

Every girl needs a stunning dress or ten in their wardrobe, and when it comes to gorgeous gowns, nobody does it better than Little Mistress dresses. Having worked with this boutique London fashion business previously, it was natural for them to come back to us when they needed personalised wooden hangers for their new line, Paper Dolls dresses.

Our client

Created with the feminine shape in mind, Paper Dolls dresses have been meticulously tailored to create gorgeously girly silhouettes and effortlessly elegant ensembles. Featuring bodycon shapes and longer hemlines, these stunning dresses bring a touch of sophistication to any wardrobe.

Our customer’s goal

Brought to London by the fashion focussed experts at Little Mistress dresses, it was important that our client was able to differentiate their Paper Dolls range from their other items in store. For this reason, they wanted very different coat hangers personalised with the Paper Dolls logo, to help this range stand out in store.

Our approach

To create a bespoke look for these personalised hangers with logo supplied in white, we recommended a black wooden hanger, for an upmarket finish that would really highlight the brand. Working to the customer’s deadline, we set up our processes to ensure this custom hanger with logo applied fulfilled all their needs.

When we print clothes hangers, we use a specialist technique called PAD printing. This means the logo is meticulously applied, with no smudging of the design. It also ensures that the ink is completely colourfast, and will not rub off onto the garments.

The end results

As usual, Little Mistress were thrilled with the results of their personalised wooden hangers. The logo, in white, is beautifully offset with the jet black of the hanger, and the high quality wooden hanger material will ensure these items are built to last. We were delighted to receive a photo from the store of these hangers in place, and think they do a wonderful job of differentiating the Paper Dolls range in store.

If you need coat hangers personalised for your store, we’re here to help. We can print clothes hangers in plastic, wood or a painted wood finish, and supply all varieties of hangers, including those for children’s clothes. We can often supply a custom hanger with logo within a tight timeframe too, so if your deadline for a product launch is fast approaching, talk to us first to see how we can help. Contact Valentino’s Displays today for a free quotation on your personalised hangers with logo.