Printed Hangers - Little Mistress

Little Mistress

When ‘The Only Way is Essex’ star Lauren Pope launched her new clothing range, she knew branding was important. Being known as the custom logo hangers specialists, we were the natural choice for her project. Here’s how it panned out between us and this TOWIE inspired brand.

Our client

On the back of her ‘The Only Way is Essex’ success, Lauren Pope launched her own clothing brand known as Little Mistress dresses and fashion. With Lauren’s eye for fashion and an iconic track record in looking glamorous, naturally Little Mistress was at the cutting edge of catwalk trends. Creating dresses, skirts, tunics and more, with influences straight from the catwalks, this brand aims to offer affordable yet luxurious choices for the latest in women’s fashion for TOWIE wannabees.

Our customer's goal

Lauren Pope knew that reinforcing her new brand was crucial if she was going to build the following she needed. She decided to use personalised coat hangers for all her products, to display her corporate logo and advertise her brand in an effective way. She came to Valentino’s Displays with an order for hundreds of customised coat hangers for Little Mistress, and we were happy to help her out.

Our approach

We knew that these personalised coat hangers not only needed to look great, but needed to be multi-functional too. She wanted them printed on both sides, to boost brand recognition, and needed then delivered in time for her Pure London show. Here’s what we had to think about:

  • The material: We decided on wooden hangers, painted white, as they reflect the luxury nature of this brand, and have the hard-wearing qualities you would expect from a boutique label.
  • The style: We needed to accommodate Little Mistress dresses of all shapes and sizes, including maxi, mini, tea dresses and more. Also in the range were tunics, tops, skirts and more, so we opted for a split between the classic wishbone hanger for dresses and tops, and the skirt hanger for skirts, strapless dresses and shorts.
  • The print: We always print hangers using a PAD printing process, as this ensures no ink will run off onto the garments. We had to print both sides, so needed to run our operations at maximum efficiency to meet her tight deadline.

These customised coat hangers for Little Mistress were completed on time and with absolute meticulous attention to detail, and we were delighted to hand over such a beautiful product to our beautiful client.

The end results

These custom logo hangers really look the business. With a double-sided print, Little Mistress has really optimised their marketing potential. The corporate logo against the white background really stands out, and our client was delighted with the results.

If you’re thinking about custom logo hangers for your business, we can help you out. From wishbone hangers to jacket hangers, children’s hangers to plastic hangers, we can do it all. Get in touch today with your ideas for a project, and we’ll be delighted to help you out.