Lockable Poster Snap Frame A4 Mitred (32mm) 91001
Lockable Poster Snap Frame A4 Mitred (32mm)91001
£21.90 +VAT
Lockable Poster Snap Frame A3 Mitred (32mm) 91002
Lockable Poster Snap Frame A3 Mitred (32mm)91002
£27.90 +VAT
Lockable Poster Snap Frame A2 Mitred (32mm) 91003
Lockable Poster Snap Frame A2 Mitred (32mm)91003
£39.90 +VAT
Lockable Poster Snap Frame 30x20 (32mm) 91022
Lockable Poster Snap Frame 30x20 (32mm)91022
£49.90 +VAT
Lockable Poster Snap Frame A1 Mitred (32mm) 91004
Lockable Poster Snap Frame A1 Mitred (32mm)91004
£55.90 +VAT
Lockable Poster Snap Frame 40x30 (32mm) 91023
Lockable Poster Snap Frame 40x30 (32mm)91023
£69.90 +VAT
Lockable Poster Snap Frame A0 Mitred (32mm) 91005
Lockable Poster Snap Frame A0 Mitred (32mm)91005
£82.90 +VAT
Lockable Poster Snap Frame 60x40 (32mm) 91024
Lockable Poster Snap Frame 60x40 (32mm)91024
£97.90 +VAT
At Valentino’s Displays, we have poster frames for sale in all different shapes and sizes. Choose from tamper-proof secure snap frames or a simpler lockable poster frame, all available in traditional paper sizes, as well as custom sizes. Ensure your posters, advertisements or public notices have pride of place on the wall, displaying them to their full potential and getting the attention that they deserve.

Create Framed Posters UK Customers will Love

When you buy lockable poster frames directly from us, you can be confident in the knowledge that you are buying the highest quality products that will last, whether you choose to use them indoors or outdoors.
  • Crafted to Last: We have used extruded aluminium to create a frame that is strong and durable, with a thickness of 32mm to ensure its stability. The back panel is made of strong, thick plastic, while the transparent cover has been treated with an anti-glare feature that ensures your posters are easily visible, even when the sun is shining high in the sky.
  • Upgrade Option: While our cheap poster clip frames represent excellent value for money and are fairly secure, you might like to upgrade to a tamper-proof picture frame. These poster picture frames help to ward off potential vandalism or sabotage, with a lock that is easily accessed and opened by the owner, but very difficult for anyone else to bypass.
  • Excellent Customer Service: When you buy your lockable frames direct from us, you will enjoy free delivery on orders over £100, as well as a 14-day no-quibble guarantee.

The Largest Range of Poster Frames UK

Our snap poster frames are incredibly simple and easy to use. Once you have opened the frame, which is hinged on one side, so that you only have to unlock the other side, you can snap your poster or document into place, ensuring that it stands tall and proud, without becoming wonky.
  • Great for Outdoor Use: We supply all the wall fixings too so that you can hang your lockable frames on any wall, whether it is indoors or outdoors. The weather-resistant silver anodized finish makes it ideal for exterior use, allowing you to display sports results outside public recreation areas or directions for potential visitors.
  • Sizes for Every Poster: Available in a range of sizes, it is easy for you to pick the one that best fits your poster needs. Just measure your poster and then choose the frame to match! This is important for marketing aesthetics, as the wrong sized frame can make your amazing advertisement look scruffy and unprofessional. So, take your time to make sure you have the one that is right for you.

Buy in Confidence with Valentino’s Displays

As well as our traditional silver anodized poster frames, we also have a range of multi-coloured photo frames. Ideal for turning a dull area into something brighter, a colour photo frame is also a great choice for ensuring a continual branding theme throughout your marketing.
Whatever type, size or style of frame you choose, you have an efficient and friendly customer service team at the end of the phone or email, who will be delighted to answer any questions you may have. This team works hard to ensure our prices are always competitive and that our products are perfectly formed. When buying with us, you can rely on value for money and great quality. We hope you enjoy your shopping experience – please let us know if you are unable to find exactly what you need and we will do our best to help you.