When it comes to making a beautiful promotional display, nothing is quite as effective as a meticulously designed poster. However, designing a poster to promote your business and displaying it effectively are two different issues.  All too often, posters can become damaged by the weather, tampered with by vandals or defaced in another way. Finding a way to protect your investment in promotional media is crucial, which is where our tamper resistant frames can help.

A tamper resistant frame is a secure locking device that can only be opened by you. We specifically design vandal resistant security frames to deter would be meddlers from interfering with your display. We’ve designed every one of our tamper proof poster frame products to look great and to show off your materials in the very best way, so you can be confident of attracting the right type of attention every time.

What are tamper proof poster frames?

Our tamper resistant frames are designed to offer effective protection against defacement, keeping your media secure and looking its best every day of the week. All our vandal resistant security frames feature an aesthetically pleasing design, complete with anodised silver bevelled frame and a quick-change poster mechanism for easy display alterations.

The rear of the frame is made from strong 1.5mm thick plastic, offering effective vandal protection, and the front is constructed from an anti-glare transparent plastic, ensuring your display is fully visible at all times. You can buy secure poster frame products right here on our website, helping you create more effective, long lasting displays for your business.

Count on our secure snap frame for cheap yet effective protection

Our tamper proof poster frames can be used to display anything and everything you could wish for. Our customers know that with our secure snap frame cheap doesn’t mean low quality, and have enjoyed great success in using them for:

  • Displaying menus outside restaurants and cafes
  • Displaying artwork inside their offices or waiting rooms
  • Protecting promotional posters and sale displays
  • Displaying price lists, opening hours and product details

Whatever you need to display, you can buy secure poster frame products with confidence when you shop with Valentino’s Displays. All our products come with our quality guarantee, and can be returned within 14 days for a refund if you are not completely satisfied. We are one of the most experienced professional businesses in the display industry, so if you’re not sure what to buy or need any advice, just ask our friendly team.

Delivering secure snap poster frames UK wide

Whether you need one snap frame or one hundred, we can supply the product you need. Available in 25mm and 32mm sizes, we supply our secure snap poster frames UK wide to businesses large and small. Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you can’t find what you need on our website, as we’re often able to source unusual items or to arrange the manufacture of a custom product just for you. Talk to us today to find out more.