Tamper Resistant Frame A5 (25mm) 91021
Tamper Resistant Frame A5 (25mm)91021
£6.95 +VAT
Tamper Resistant Frame A4 (25mm) 91014
Tamper Resistant Frame A4 (25mm)91014
£7.95 +VAT
Tamper Resistant Frame A3 (25mm) 91015
Tamper Resistant Frame A3 (25mm)91015
£9.95 +VAT
Tamper Resistant Frame A2 (25mm) 91016
Tamper Resistant Frame A2 (25mm)91016
£14.95 +VAT
Tamper Resistant Frame 30x20 (25mm) 91017
Tamper Resistant Frame 30x20 (25mm)91017
£18.95 +VAT
Tamper Resistant Frame A1 (25mm) 91018
Tamper Resistant Frame A1 (25mm)91018
£22.95 +VAT
Tamper Resistant Frame 40x30 (25mm) 91019
Tamper Resistant Frame 40x30 (25mm)91019
£29.95 +VAT
Tamper Resistant Frame A0 (25mm) 91020
Tamper Resistant Frame A0 (25mm)91020
£34.95 +VAT
Creating eye catching promotional products and amazing display materials is crucial to any business. Being able to effectively communicate your offers and products to your potential customers can help you stand out from the competition and become more profitable. However, the last thing you want is your meticulously designed materials to fall victim to vandalism or theft.

Using a tamper resistant poster frame means your material can be displayed effectively, beautifully and safely, no matter what the world throws at them. Vandals cannot open them, nothing can be stolen or defaced, and everything will be kept just as you wanted it, day after day after day. Don’t let your investment in beautiful promotional materials go to waste; with our secure snap frames, it will be looking as good next year as it does today.

The benefits of our tamper resistant poster frame products

Here at Valentino’s, we believe in supplying affordable products that don’t cut corners on quality. That means that when you invest in tamper proof snap frames from Valentino’s Displays, you can be sure you’ll be getting a high-end product at a pocket money price. Here’s what you can expect from our products:

  • Thoughtful design: A silver anodised surrounding, giving any materials an elegant, modern look
  • Invisible screws: Nothing to spoil the view, as all the screws are hidden away from sight
  • Secure locking: Our vandal proof poster frames can only be opened with the included specialist tool, for optimum security
  • Quick display changes: No hassle, no fuss, just open the frame and modify your design
  • Low cost, high quality: We supply one of the lowest cost secure poster frame for sale in the UK, but without compromising on quality

Choosing our vandal proof poster frames will keep your display looking amazing and doing its job for longer. From artwork to promotional posters, menus to price lists, whatever you need secure snap frames for, make sure you buy them from us. We select all our products to be the very best that is available, helping you to find just what you need in a fast, low cost way.

The best secure poster frame for sale in the UK

Our secure poster frame for sale on our website have been tested and handpicked to be the very best quality available. Here at Valentino’s, we work hard to balance quality and value, so that you can buy affordably without compromising on materials or finish. We deliver our security poster frames UK wide, so whether you’re in Land’s End or John O’Groats, you can count on Valentino’s to deliver the very best.

With our secure poster frames UK businesses of all shapes and sizes have found a more effective, affordable way to protect their display media. Available in eight different sizes, you’ll be sure to find just what you’re looking for in our extensive product range. If you can’t find what you need, talk to us first, as we can often supply custom made products to suit your requirements.