Ideal for advertising campaigns, displaying posters that complement the surroundings and ensuring important notices are seen by those who need to see them, our lockable poster snap frames are an attractive, budget-friendly display option.

Buy Locking Snap Frames for Security and Convenience

One of the most important aspects of our lockable frames is that they offer a safe and secure environment for your posters and marketing documents. Keeping them protected from the elements in areas of high-traffic or when situated in external areas, our durable, hard-wearing aluminium frames are tough and sturdy.

•    Secure Locking: The convenient locking mechanism prevents the possibility of tampering or having the document being removed by someone unauthorized to do so, but the fact that it is easily accessed by the key-holder, on just one side of the frame, makes it incredibly simple to change your poster. This is great if you need to replace your marketing document on a regular basis, or if the frames will be used to keep people informed with up-to-date information.
•    Effective Snap Placement: Our locking secure snap frame helps you to position your poster just right, making for the most attractive finish – nobody wants a wonky print! At the same time, the anti-glare transparent plastic cover ensures your poster is given the prominence and visibility it deserves.

Movie Poster Frames for Any Location!

The versatility of our poster frames means the potential for use is huge. Hang anywhere you can hammer in a nail, whether outside, inside or in humid rooms.

•    Various Colour Options: The silver anodized frame can be customized to come in any colour of your choice so that you can ensure your aesthetic design matches your brand image or perfectly complements the poster you intend to hang inside. Choose from frames in red, green or blue, frames with a wooden finish, a white poster frame or a black poster frame, to name just a few.
•    High-Quality Design: Complete with a thick plastic back panel and with a powder coated finish, as well as all the wall fixings you need to hang the frame, you are sure to love our lockable poster snap frames.
•    Large Range of Sizes: Choose our A0 poster frame for your biggest poster designs or A1 poster frame for those that are slightly smaller. Our sizings go all the way down to A4 size and we also have a selection that suits those poster designs that do not conform to traditional paper sizes. If there is something you need that is not immediately obvious on our website, contact us and we will do our very best to help.
•    Tamper-Resistant Option: If you are looking to order lockable frames that are slightly more secure, our tamper-resistant frames might be better suited to your needs. These vandal-proof frames work in the same way as our lockable frames for sale, but are more resistant to deliberate damage, keeping the contents safe inside. If you think tamper proof poster frames might be what you need, we have a wide selection of frames, so there is sure to be something that will work for your display.

Order Picture Frames Direct from Valentino’s Displays

When it comes to high-quality products and exceptional customer service, we think Valentino’s Displays is unbeatable. We work hard to keep our prices low, while ensuring every single product is fit-for-purpose, ensuring excellent value for money. It is what keeps our customers coming back, making us the preferred supplier for display accessories in shops and businesses.

If there is not a hanging poster frame for sale that meets your requirements, please take a minute to contact us and see if there is a way we can help – we are full of helpful surprises!