3 simple storage tips to make moving easier!


Moving can be a particularly fresh experience – a new house, new place, new people. As exciting as this may sound, it also entails a lot of hard work. One of the things that people struggle with is transferring items and organising them, and as we all know this can be tough, tedious, and time-consuming. Check out these hacks to easily save yourself time and effort.

Tip #1: Choose the right container.

You might only be planning to display a tiny proportion of the items that you’re going to pack, apart from your furniture of course. Instead of putting all of your objects in temporary boxes, why not purchase larger storage containers that you can neatly stack and eventually hide under your bed?

Unlike cardboard boxes, our products can best protect your valuables, especially those that are easily broken. Hide your clutter in solid grey-coloured bins to instantly create that organised and classy look until you have time to sort through it (and see if you missed anything while it was away!).

Valentino’s Displays offers bins made to cater to the needs of industrial retailers, but also household storage and moving. You can choose between Euro Containers and Distribution Containers, so check to see which one will meet your requirements. Our products also have ergonomic handles to help you maintain proper posture and move them easily. Sizes may vary from 800 x 600, 1000 x 800, and 1200 x 1200 pallets.

In addition, you can also use one of our container dollies to easily transport your items without having to carry them. These allow you to stack multiple bins at a time and wheel them out onto your vehicle, for example.

Tip #2: Downsize your items.

Are you a bit of a hoarder? Some people have a hard time letting go of things, forgetting the potential benefits of having more space and freedom. Storage containers can be the ideal solution, as you can collect up things you’re not sure about keeping and simply put them all away for a while. When you check back, you might find you didn’t miss most of them and you preferred the freed-up space. When storage costs and moving costs you money it makes sense to keep it minimal.

Which items should you NOT store?

The clothing you don’t need. We all have clothes tucked away that we thought we might wear again one day, even if they don’t fit anymore. Instead of putting those in your storage compartments, why not sell them online or even donate to a local charity?

Anything without a purpose. If it doesn’t have a place in your new home, dump it! After all, how can you let new things enter your life if you’re still keeping old, useless pieces?

Broken equipment. An old VHS player, outdated computer parts, or even mobile phones that don’t work anymore… sound familiar? Again, these things needn’t take up space in your home or workplace.

Try taking three storage bins and label them YES, NO, and MAYBE. Once you are done segregating, go over your Maybe container and think rationally about whether they need to stay or go. The goal is to narrow down objects into your Yes or No boxes. You might be surprised by how much you get through!

Tip #3: Label everything.

Looking at identical containers can be confusing; this will require you to open each one and figure out where they should go. Instead of doing such, name every single box after you finish packing. This technique will save you a lot of time and energy later on.

For more storage solutions and ideas, you can check out our website www.valentinosdisplays.com.

Simple Storage Tips To Make Moving Easier

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