A buyer’s guide to choosing the right locker


In addition to our collection of cabinets and showcases, Valentino’s Displays now offers high-quality compartment lockers. Many people turn to the Internet to search for their retail display and storage needs but want to avoid cheap shelving units and low-grade products, so trusting us to help is an ideal solution. Read more to learn which specifications you need to consider to avoid the pitfalls of sub-par products.

Factors to consider

1. Number of Compartments

Think of the space you need, as well as how many storage partitions you ought to have. To help you decide, plan ahead which items you are going to store.

Single and double partitions are usually ideal for securing almost anything. You can hang dresses, jackets, belts, and items that occupy particular lengths. Multiple compartments are better for small and light items such as athletic gear, accessories, bags, books, etc.

If you prefer to order in bulk, decide on how many lockers you need and match that with your budget to determine which of our products will suit you.

2. Lock Type

Valentino’s Displays lockers have two security features that you can choose from – cam lock or hasp. You can decide which one will give you more peace of mind depending on how you’ll be using it.

  • Cam Lock
    This gives you access through the use of a key. These keys can be replaced in case of loss is needed.
  • Hasp Lock
    This provides users with a handle that has a padlock facility (padlock not included). This is preferred for cases where keys are frequently lost.

3. Locker or Storage Type

Workplace Lockers

All our workplace lockers have a standard height of 1780mm with a choice between 300mm to 460mm widths to fit your preference. Providing bespoke shelving units is necessary for many businesses and we are always happy to accommodate your needs as best we can.

Express Lockers

These ready-to-use compartments are an instant solution to your shelving needs. They offer the same benefits you can get from our other versions as described above.

Industrial Cupboards

Use our strong welded cupboards to keep your important documents, articles, and other essential equipment. We can also supply cupboards with or without bins.

Why choose us? We have selected our products to strike a balance between aesthetics, functionality, and cleanliness (as well as cost, of course!). We understand the needs of our customers and provide solutions for the exact problems we hear about, with our range of lockers being no exception.

Aesthetics The lockers we provide have a multi-purpose design to suit your various storage needs. Their carcasses come in classic silver colour, in contrast with vibrant blue doors that are supplied with anti-corrosive galvanised shelves.

FunctionalityMade with the best materials, a security locker from us has a robust structure that can carry light to heavy-duty items and fit in with the design of your existing workplace. We have also made sure that you can get the best security features by choosing from the options above.

Cleanliness Our compartments also address several health issues relating to bacteria to viruses. For establishments that offer lockers for customer use, this is especially important. Fortunately, our shelves and surfaces are finished with a unique anti-bacterial paint for germ protection.

At Valentino’s Displays, we understand the kinds of storage and security issues you might face with your business. We aim to give our clients a convenient and effective shopping experience that they are missing with other retail display suppliers.

Our new responsive website is one of the easiest and most reliable ways to order affordable shelving units for UK businesses.

You can also call our accommodating sales team on 01489 808007.

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