Engraved wooden clothes hangers branded with company logo


Following on from our recent blog post in regards to the People Tree printed hangers we produced we are trialling demand for engraved wooden clothes hangers branded with your company logo. Up till now we currently only offer printed wooden hangers which are PAD printed to the wooden hangers. These have been extremely popular for large retail organisations. Retail chains are looking to ensure their brand stands out from the crowd with customised hangers.

Engraved Clothes Hangers

Engraved Hangers UK

Ink or engrave branding?

During the printing process, we thought wouldn’t our clothes hangers look smart and eye-catching if we were able to engrave them. It would achieve a different result than the printed hangers. By offering customers printed hangers and engraved wooden hangers it’ll open up more lines of enquiries for us. So purchasing the necessary equipment and using a bit of time we took a spare wooden wishbone hanger and engraved the People Tree company logo into the hanger. 

The images above show what we were able to do. This was merely an example of what we can achieve on the above hanger. We chose a light engrave of the corporate logo. If customers wanted something more striking we could engrave deeper into the body of the hanger.

Is there a minimum order quantity?

There is no minimum order. If you are interested please contact us on; 01489 808007 or email us at; info@valentinosdisplays.com.

Valentino’s Displays is proud to be able to offer our customers bespoke services like this. It makes us different to our competition. Our bespoke services page shows a glimpse of what we can achieve should you require bespoke shop display equipment.

What we can do at Valentino’s

As well as the company branding on products like carrier bags and clothes hangers we can source and manufacture bespoke equipment and fittings such as mannequins. Powder coating is another service we offer. Require your display equipment in other colours than advertised? We get asked all the time. We can do it! Having items such as mannequins resprayed is a service we offer. We understand customers don’t just want standard items you can buy off the shelf. They want eye-catching striking visual merchandise!

This is where we like to be different and it’s our Unique Selling Point to offer our customers choice, options, and excellent prices. Valentino’s Displays are your one-stop shop for everything retail.

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