Exclusive sports running mannequins at Valentino’s Displays


We mentioned on June 2nd that we were manufacturing exclusive mannequins. Well, we have finally finished production! We’ve been producing sports mannequins in running poses for a large client of ours.

These mannequins are exclusive to Valentino’s Displays and are not available on the UK market. Our customer was looking for a male and female mannequin and desperately needed them for a photoshoot. There were some alternatives that currently exist however the client felt they were not quite right. Either the poses had a head or were not quite in the right sporting pose. So the client would have bought an item that wasn’t really what they were looking for. Ultimately they wouldn’t have been fit for purpose.

So setting a tight deadline we were given the brief and within 14 days we were able to turn around these mannequins as shown below.

Sports Mannequins from Valentino's Displays

Our client was looking for matt white headless mannequins in a running pose and we delivered! If you have sufficient time, we are able to manufacture any mannequin in any pose and in any colour! If you are interested please get in touch. Tell us what you think of these. Our client was very impressed with the store mannequins and the service they received from us. These will look great on a window display or on the shop floor.

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