House of Fraser to roll out beacon technology


High street retailer House of Fraser has announced that it will be introducing beacon-equipped mannequins in its store in Aberdeen. To provide store visitors with a more engaging and interactive shopping experience.

The VMBeacon technology will be installed directly in a visual merchandising product or mannequin, and will then transmit information via a secure portal. The technology will send out an alert to anyone within a 50-metre radius of the mannequins that have downloaded the app.

The information will include details such as what clothing and accessories they’re wearing, the price and where the items can be found in-store and a link to the items on the retailer’s website. House of Fraser will be able to choose what information is available to the consumer, such as extras images and product specifications.

The beacon-equipped mannequins work 24/7. Even when the retailer is closed and aims to provide consumers with further product specifications and information. As well as offers and discounts that are only available via the app. The beacons will also be used to help House of Fraser recognise, reward and understand its loyal customers.

The technology can be used to track how many times a customer visits a store. Where they spend the most time. Which displays are attracting the most attention? As well as the number of promotional codes and vouchers that have been redeemed. Which in turn can help with the monitoring of conversions. However, app users are able to change their privacy settings so that they only share information that they want to make public.

House of Fraser isn’t the only retailer thinking about interactive shopping experiences. A number of UK retailers have begun to trial location-aware beacon technology. To further enhance the customer experience and offer shoppers a personalised service through their mobile devices. In the future, they could also be used in bus stops, street adverts or public transport posters. To encourage and direct customers to a specific shop, even before they’re anywhere near it.

Could this be the game-changer for the retailer industry? Will you be downloading the app? We would love to hear your thoughts!

House of Fraser to Roll out Beacon Technology

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