Top tips for making your shop window stand out


A catchy well thought out window display can set an impression that will later determine whether a customer is going to enter your store and make a purchase. Imagine yourself as a customer walking past the front of your store, does your window display make the right first impression? Does it look inviting and make you want to step inside the store? Read on as we share some top tips for creating a successful window display.

High Streets of Great Britain Window Display - Selfridges

1 – Planning

A shop display is not just something that should be thrown together. A shop window display should be thought out and planned properly. Before you start to dress your window think about what message are you trying to convey and what you want your customers to see when they walk past. A badly thought out window display can make your window look cheap, whereas a carefully planned display will make customers come and look around your store and increase sales.

High Streets of Great Britain Window Display - Selfridges

2 – Lighting

The lighting is an essential part of a window dressing. Good lighting in the correct positions can create a focal point and add drama to a window display. Top-down lighting can cause shadows, so be sure to position your lighting from the bottom and side. It is essential that your lighting is as different as your display, experiment with different lighting sources, this can be things like the use of lamps or floor lights to create a unique lighting effect that makes your window stand out on the high street.

High Streets of Great Britain Window Display - Selfridges

3 – Attention to Detail

Putting together an attractive and effective window display requires a keen eye for detail. As well as making sure your mannequins are positioned and dressed well, it is essential the entire window is kept clean and the items on display are neat and tidy. Clothes should always be cleaned, ironed and pinned to the mannequin so they fit perfectly. Remember passers-by are going to see what the mannequin is wearing and that is going to entice them in, if the clothing on the shop window doesn’t look good then people won’t come in and buy it.

High Streets of Great Britain Window Display - Selfridges

4 – Review your Window

Don’t wait until your window is completely finished before viewing it from outside. The street view should be the main influence of your display, after all, it’s about enticing customers in. Make sure you step outside regularly during the dressing process to review it in stages, not just at the end. Also, it is worth remembering that passers-by don’t generally approach your store head-on, they walk past it so be sure to check your window display from different angles.

5 – Keep it Fresh

Even some of the most dynamic and thought through displays can become tired, so make sure you check your window displays regularly. A tired window display looks bad, but an unfinished window can look even worse. Consider setting aside some time outside of trading hours to update your window, that way it will be completed when your customers next enter the store.

High Streets of Great Britain Window Display - Selfridges

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