How to make your shop mannequins stand out


Mannequins are a great display tool and can be used to enhance any retail display, they’re not limited to clothing retailers either, but all too often they’re not used to their full advantage, left wearing old stock, irrelevant to the stock around them and can even alienate customers if not used thoughtfully.

This blog is here to help you really make the most of your shop mannequins in the UK, ensuring they stand out and do what they’re meant to do; increase sales of specific products.

Include mannequins in your window display

Mannequins are perfect for bringing some life to any display and your window display is the prime space to make the most of this attribute. If you’re selling furniture, kitchen goods, electronics, or plant pots, mannequins allow you to display your products in use, helping customers to use their imagination and visualise those products in their own homes.

How to Make Your Shop Mannequins Stand Out


Make it easy for customers to buy the outfit

Mannequins are commonly used in shop floor displays, highlighting a specific look and sense of style to customers, with the ultimate aim of uplifting sales in those particular items of stock. Include a simple clothes rail next to the mannequin to host all the items on display, easily accessible to the customer, saving them a trek to the other side of the store to make up the look.

One size doesn’t fit all

People come in all shapes and sizes and mannequins do too, a plus-sized mannequin is available and it’s a good idea to mix it up, allowing your customers to see that your company operates in the real world.

Child mannequins are also available and can be used for a lot more than just children’s clothes, if families are your target audience, then use child mannequins to sell your customers the family dream.

Mannequins have pets too!

Humans love dogs, so why wouldn’t our static counterparts? Dog mannequins are perfect for pet shops and displaying those luxury doggy products, but they’re also a fantastic way to add some depth to your mannequin window display, whatever you sell. Give your couple watching the TV a pet, or add a dog to your autumn walk scene to keep your mannequins company. A dog mannequin will certainly grab your customers’ attention and help your shop display meet its goals.

Make use of your wall and ceiling space

Displaying mannequins from walls or ceilings can help direct your customers’ gaze, make it easier to display the mannequin near the goods it’s promoting, as well as saving floor space. Have a read of our previous blog for more tips on making the most of your shop’s floor space.

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Have you seen or created any stand-out mannequin displays? Share them with us in the comments section below.

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